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Stanford University Officials Submit Photo to FBI of Anti-Israel Campus Protester Wearing Hamas-Like Headband

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

An anti-Israel protester in a Hamas-like headband on Stanford’s campus.Image: Stanford University

Many have warned that the protests on college campuses have nefarious elements behind the scenes pushing their radical agenda.

Like many colleges in the country, Stanford University has been battling anti-Israel protests, including an encampment in the White Plaza area of its campus.

Officials expressed concern over a picture of a protestor on Stanford’s campus wearing a green headband, similar to what is worn by Hamas terrorists.

Image: Stanford University

The image began circulating this week, prompting the University to forward the photo to the FBI.

This Hamas killer was filmed roaming the concert, killing Jews in cold blood, wearing a green headband.

The New York Post reports:

A photo of someone at the encampment wearing a green headband, a face covering and glasses eventually came to the attention of school administrators.

“We have received many expressions of concern about a photo circulating on social media of an individual on White Plaza who appeared to be wearing a green headband similar to those worn by members of Hamas,” the school said in a Wednesday statement. “We find this deeply disturbing, as Hamas is designated a terrorist organization by the United States government. We have not been able to identify the individual but have forwarded the photo to the FBI.”

Leaders have raised the alarm on who is lurking in the shadows of these protests, including New York City Mayor Eric Adams.

Adams has alleged that protests at Columbia University and City College of New York (CCNY) were infiltrated by “outside agitators” affiliated with “terrorist groups.”

In an interview with Vladimir Duthiers on CBS Morning, Adams detailed the city’s response to the chaotic scenes that unfolded at both institutions, where nearly 300 individuals were arrested Tuesday night.

“These were not spontaneous student movements but calculated disruptions by professional agitators,” Adams explained, noting that a significant portion of those arrested had no affiliations with either university.

Those cheering on the anti-Israel protests include Hamas leaders and Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Western governments say the Resistance Front is terrorism. This comes at a time when people flew Hezbollah’s flag in a street in the US. The people of the world are supporting the Resistance Front because they are resisting & because they are against oppression. pic.twitter.com/8nvRDlh8nw

— Khamenei.ir (@khamenei_ir) April 24, 2024

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