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Students at Rutgers University Stand Up to Anti-American Protests, Wave American Flags, Sing National Anthem (VIDEO)

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

It is encouraging to know that in the midst of pro-Hamas thuggery on college campuses, that patriotic American students are starting to speak out in support for our Nation.

Students at Rutgers University showed their support for the United States this past Thursday, countering the protests by pro-Hamas agitators.

Students who were fed up with pro-Hamas thugs on their campus took a stand by chanting “USA” while waving an American flag.

Fox News reported:

Rutgers students who went viral for waving American flags at a student rally responded to the school administration caving to demands from student protesters.

Anti-Israel protesters on campus at Rutgers University were countered by a large group of patriotic students waving an American flag and chanting “USA!” on Thursday.

Video from Thursday afternoon showed two competing groups of students chanting pro-American and pro-Palestinian slogans on Voorhees Mall in New Jersey.

“As the anti-Israel group yelled ‘Free, Free Palestine!’ and ‘From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!’ the patriotic group could be heard repeatedly chanting ‘USA! USA! USA!’” Fox News reported.

Students can be seen showing their support for the United States, countering the anti-American protests that have invaded their university.

A Rutgers student named Ben was interviewed by Fox News for being one of the many students who stood up for the US and his university.

“Ben was the student holding the American flag high,” Fox and Friends Pete Hegseth said.

“How did so many people show up? Was it coordinated?” Hegseth asked Ben.

“It wasn’t really coordinated at all. My friends and I just sort of came with the flag more as just to go. We didn’t really think much of it at the time,” Ben said.


Another BASED chad frat bro at Rutgers, LOL pic.twitter.com/JIf2zlJOMi

— Posted (@PostyGroyp) May 4, 2024

Stephen Wallace, who is a junior at Rutgers University, spoke to Fox News about how college students are not happy with the anti-American culture on campus.

“We’re tired of it, We’re fed up with the anti-Americanism. We just want to be patriotic again and that’s what I hope for the rest of this country,” Wallace told Fox News Digital in a video interview.


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