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Sunday Comedy Break: Katt Williams Take on the White House Cocaine Scandal (Video)

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Comedian Katt Williams takes on the White House cocaine scandal in his Netflix special/Image: video screenshot

On Saturday night, comedian Katt Williams performed his “Woke Folk” set live on Netflix.

Williams’ take on the FBI’s non-investigation into a bag of cocaine found inside the White House, was hilarious.

Showing a giant photo of a baggie labeled ‘Hunter’s Blow,  Williams launched his take.

“The truth is crazy enough, you ain’t got to make up no sh**. I’m gonna say something to you that sounds like a m’fer made it up…and it’s really in the news.”

“The FBI, OUR FBI, The Federal Bureau of Investigation, said they don’t know whose cocaine was at the White House….whaaaat?”

“What type of investigation did you do?! I don’t know what the fu** is going on. ‘We don’t know whose it is.’ It was in Hunter Biden’s room. It said ‘Hunter’s Blow’ on the bag.”

“What do you mean whose cocaine? It’s crazy.”

“Hunter on crack….Joe is doing the best he m’fing can…we done lowered the bar so low for Joe, as long as Joe don’t fall, we’ll be fine….’go on and get up them stairs, Joe..there you go, that’s a boy.’”

“Hunter on crack…Joe asleep. The only person really working at the White House behind the scenes is Joe Biden’s German Shepherd named Commander.”

He then showed a photo of Biden with his dog while pointing out the many times Commander has bitten Secret Service agents at the White House.

**Language warning***


Katt Williams WOKE FOKE

Cocaine in the White House Joe and Hunter Biden

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