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Teacher Threatens to ‘Shoot Up’ Preschool in Nashville

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Police have arrested a Tennessee teacher for allegedly threatening to shoot a colleague at her preschool.

Sheneca Cowart was arrested and charged with assault, threat of mass violence at a school, and two counts of carrying a weapon to a school following Thursday’s incident at The Academy of McCrory Lane.

NBC News reports,

Authorities took Cowart into custody after witnesses said she threatened to “retrieve a firearm and made threats against another teacher and the school after an argument,” the Metro Nashville Police Department said.

Staff members alleged 29-year-old Cowart threatened to “shoot up” the preschool and that she keeps a gun “on her,” according to NBC News affiliate WSMV.

Another teacher claimed to overhear Cowart say “when I start shooting, you better run,” prompting the preschool to go into lockdown, WSMV reported.

The police department recovered one handgun from Cowart’s purse and another firearm in the driver’s side door of her vehicle.

Cowart was held on a $37,000 bond before being released from jail the same night.

Metro Nashville Police confiscated a gun from a teacher who threatened to use it to shoot up her school. (MNPD)
Sheneca Cowart’s LinkedIn profile

Cowart’s arrest has inevitably sparked the gun rights conversation and sparked Democrats to pander to their base that they will “act.”

A teacher accused of threatening to shoot up a Nashville preschool has some parents questioning whether arming teachers is a good idea.

“We’ve done nothing, unfortunately, and we are just in the mode waiting for the next tragedy, and hopefully, after the next tragedy, we will act,” state Rep. Bo Mitchell (D-Nashville) said.

This news comes as a bill allowing armed teachers in public schools moves through Tennessee’s legislature.


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