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The Big Three Election Integrity Issues for 2024

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

There are three key issues that are being leveraged by those seeking to compromise Elections in America.  The threat actors will constantly evolve to evade the security and remediation established to address the last successful play – so expect something different in 2024.  Vigilance, awareness, and publicly addressing matters in a vigorous manner are a deterrent.  The perpetrators behave differently when they know they are being watched.

The most important factor in the November 2024 election will be the involvement of the citizen.  For those wanting election integrity, the best thing is to become a sworn election officer and work behind the counter counting votes.  How do you do this?  Go to the website for your county, city, township, or whatever the administrative structure is in your state and sign up to be a sworn election official.  I’ve done this for many elections since 2000.

It’s hard to put out tactical guidance on exactly what to look for in election misappropriation because of the different election laws in each state and the roughly 3,300 counties and county equivalents across the country.  But there are three issues that stand out as common opportunities for mischievous behavior by those intent on throwing elections.  Arabella, Soros, and China have the money to buy elections, but we have most of the population behind us.

Failure of States to validate that voters being registered at the time of Driver Licensing are Lawful Voters

Common to many states is the failure of State and County Officials to establish that names derived from those seeking Drivers Licenses are eligible to vote in a Federal Election.  County Officials most often called “Registrars” are normally the responsible, legal, sworn, constitutional official for ensuring a voter is a lawful voter.  The National Voter Registration Act Of 1993 (NVRA) (often called “Motor Voter”) mandated the option to register to vote when applying for a Driver’s License in 44 states.  The first line of most states’ driver license form is a selection for yes/no on whether the registrant wants to register to vote.  All else on the form must be RealID Act compliant.  The RealID Act requires hard to counterfeit Identification such as a passport.  Maybe that’s why the Federal Government has allowed delays of RealID Act compliance until 2025.

There is no demonstrable process in any state I am aware of where County Registrars have a trusted methodology or capability to assure that names being projected or shared from the State Department of Motor Vehicles data bases from that first line of the form, are vetted to ensure the lawful nature of the registering voter.  There are at least two basic facts to be established when that name comes to the County Registrar from the State DMV data base – they must be a US Citizen (18 U.S. Code § 611 – Voting by Aliens) or not already being a registered voter in another state.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) and State GOPs should demand that State Election Commissioners and County Registrars demonstrate a trusted process to ensure proper validation that ensures only eligible voters for Federal Elections are transmitted in Department of Motor Vehicle database exchanges with State and County voter rolls.  Local activists at the County or Township level should form Citizen Grand Juries to compel the Registrar to demonstrate a trusted process for vetting names from the DMV database.  Fractal Analysis can play a key role in validating the names at cyber speed.

Transparency, accuracy, and accessibility to Voter Rolls

Voter rolls, which are essentially data bases, have no demonstrable process to validate authoritative source of truth and accuracy.  They are updated countless times daily with no public official being held accountable for these matters.  Often, the rolls are considered restricted access or very expensive to obtain.  This is public information that should be available, accurate, and incur a very nominal charge for access.  Closely tied into integrity is the ability to match drop off/mail in ballots with a trusted roll.  Two things could make drop off/mail-in ballots acceptable:  accurate rolls and trusted ballots.

The Republican National Committee and State GOPs (or other national groups) should demand that State Election Commissioners and County Registrars demonstrate a trusted process to ensure accuracy of the rolls, appoint a legally responsible official, and make rolls available for a fraction of the normal cost.  Local activists at the County or Township level should seek to compel action out of their Election Board and Election Registrar on this matter.

Illegals voting and inflating census counts

The strategy for the Biden illegal alien surge is to drive them through the Motor Voter Registration process.  With no legitimate capability in place to validate the names being generated by State DMVs, the illegal aliens seeking a driver’s license will become part of the voter rolls.  This is a twofer – the illegals in addition are being counted by a weaponized Census Bureau which drives the apportionment of House Seats in Congress.  Texas, Florida, and other Red States were robbed of multiple House Seats with the 2020 fake Census Count.  The Census Bureau is one of those obscure but heavily weaponized government entities that must be de-weaponized.

This issue is a national focus and the RNC should lead the charge to petition and compel the Census Bureau to separate out illegal residents and use only legal citizens as the correct count for the apportionment of House Seats and related matters.  There are Federal and national level issues, state matters, and also county and local actions to take well before November 2024.  The voting season begins in September for some states.  We have to play the ball where it lays when it comes to election matters and the imperative is to stop bellowing on social media, put down the bowl of loudmouth soup, get off the couch, get in the game, and compel action by your county/township Election Board and the Election Registrar.  Also work behind the counter and count the votes as an Election Officer (which is not poll watching – don’t waste time with that canard).

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