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‘The EU Leadership Has Got to Go’: Hungarian PM Orbán Kicks off Campaign for European Elections With a Call to ‘Occupy Brussels’

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Europe is reeling in the run-up to the European Parliament elections that are set to take place on June 6-9.

Polls all over the old continent predict a huge advance for the right-wing, nationalist and populist forces – leaving the liberal-Globalist regimes in a state of near-panic, trying to find ways to rig the vote.

Conservative champion, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán today (19) painted a grim picture of a continent teetering on the edge of armed conflict if the present European leadership retains power.

In a speech opening his party’s campaign for the EU elections, Orbán called for a ‘changing of the guard’ among the bloc’s leaders.

He spoke to members of his Fidesz party at a closed-door event in Hungary’s capital Budapest.

He torched the EU leadership, that he called ‘an oppressive force’ that had made its member countries active participants in the war in Ukraine.

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Associated Press reported:

“’They see the war as their own war, and they fight it as if it’s their own war’, Orbán said of EU leaders. No EU country has engaged its soldiers in the war in Ukraine.

‘The leadership in Brussels has to go’, Orbán said. ‘It does not deserve another chance. There must be change in Brussels’.”

The long-serving Hungarian PM faces challenges as the recent resignations of senior Hungarian officials after corruption scandals, and an underperforming economy.

Billions or Euros in funding have been withheld by the EU from Hungary over ‘rule-of-law and corruption concerns’: a.k.a. not bowing down to the Globalist agenda.

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“Orbán’s speech, which lasted around 15 minutes, relied heavily on themes he has campaigned on for years: a rejection of immigration, hostility to LGBTQ+ rights and claims that the EU has sought to impose its will on Hungary.

‘We must occupy Brussels, push aside the Brussels bureaucrats and take matters into our own hands’, he said to applause.”

Having ruled Hungary for 14 years, Orbán is critical of governments that supply Ukraine with money and weapons to assist in the war.

He calls these countries ‘pro war’, and portrays his government as the only one in the EU that favors peace.

“If the EU’s current leadership remains, the manifesto reads, ‘Europe will be plunged into war, migration waves will destroy European nations, and gender propaganda will ruin the future of our children’.”

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