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The World Rallies To President Trump’s Defense In Aftermath Of Kangaroo Court Verdict

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Biden and his Democratic allies were in for a crude awakening in the aftermath of last week’s sham guilty verdict against President Trump, the byproduct of a kangaroo trial that denied the leading man to be America’s next president due process rights and his freedom of expression.

While Biden was expecting the American people to at long last turn on President Trump, in fact the opposite occurred: they rallied to his side, at a rate previously unseen in modern presidential history.  President Trump’s fundraising haul since last week’s conviction has been historic: he has hauled in hundreds of millions of dollars of cash.

In May, President Trump’s campaign posted its highest figure ever – $141 million – far outpacing Joe Biden, who has been struggling mightily to prevent the bloodletting of voters across every demographic group to President Trump’s corner.

Indeed, on the same day the 45th President held his press conference at Trump Tower to denounce the Biden-Bragg show verdict as but the latest attempt in the Left’s never-ending saga to derail MAGA and rig another presidential election, new polling came out showing the 45th President with a 6-point nationwide advantage over Biden, and leading in all six key battleground states this cycle: Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Nevada.

While Biden’s problems are bad on the domestic front, they get arguably worse overseas.  The international order has descended into chaos under Biden’s stewardship.

Western countries have been ravaged by strife and warfare in Eastern Europe and the Middle East to levels not seen since World War II.  Meanwhile, autocratic regimes like China, Iran, and Russia have been empowered, relative to the United States and Europe, which have been brought to near financial and cultural ruin by the suicidal policies of the Biden government.

The world community is hurting – and they can see the show trial for what it is: a persecution of a political opponent, plain and simple.  Many of the countries that rallied to the 45th President’s defense and called Biden’s bluff had firsthand experience with political prosecutions, those being dark parts of their histories, and how a weaponized justice system can bring down a democratic and free society.

For example, Nayib Bukele, the new president of El Salvador, said in a recent sit-down interview with Tucker Carlson that the Democrats are making a “huge mistake” by arresting President Trump. Over the course of the conversation, Bukele said the lawfare against President Trump has given him “the greatest campaign ever” and “will just give [President Trump] more votes.”

NEW: El Salvador’s President @nayibbukele tells @TuckerCarlson that Biden and the Democrats are making a huge mistake by arresting President Trump.

“all the things that they do to him will
just give him more votes.” pic.twitter.com/Zp9uXEqUSh

— Alex Bruesewitz (@alexbruesewitz) June 6, 2024

The sentiment Bukele expressed was shared by leaders from across the world.  In the United Kingdom, Nigel Farage, current leader of the Reform Party, denounced the Biden show trial in the harshest of terms, contending that the Left “overplayed their hand.”  He added that he is now “more certain [President Trump] will win.”

Farage’s remarks were echoed by former Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, who also was no-holds-barred in his takedown of the guilty verdict: “When we see this happening in Africa, or in Russia, we denounce it as authoritarian and corrupt.  Well, the American people have looked at it, and decided that the methods and the motives are fundamentally the same.  Whatever his detractors may say, I believe that Donald Trump – at his best – could offer the world the strong, confident leadership that it needs.”

Screenshot: @realDonaldTrump/Truth Social

Former UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson’s, denunciation of the Biden show trial verdict, which was reposted on President Trump’s Truth Social page.

Matteo Salvini, Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister, joined his British companions in offering his own withering critique of the verdict.  Salvini issued a statement, later reposted by President Trump, which said: “Solidarity and full support for @realDonaldTrump, victim of judicial harassment and a process of political nature.  In Italy, we are sadly familiar with the weaponization of the justice system by the [L]eft, given that for years attempts have been made to eliminate political opponents through legal means.  I hope Trump wins; it would be a guarantee of greater balance and hope for world peace.”

Screenshot: @matteosalvinimi/X

Matteo Salvini, Deputy Prime Minister of Italy, also criticizing the verdict in the harshest of terms. Salvini’s remarks were posted on President Trump’s Truth Social page.

Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary, also offered supporting words on behalf of the 45th President, saying: “I’ve known President [Trump] to be a man of honour.  As President, he always put America first, he commanded respect around the world and used this respect to build peace.  Let the people make their verdict this November!  Keep on fighting, Mr. President!”

Screenshot: @PM_ViktorOrban/X

Screen grab of Hungarian PM, Viktor Orban’s critique of the Biden show trial verdict, which was re-Truthed by President Trump.

Things have gotten so bad with the weaponized justice system in the United States that even autocratic countries, like Russia and China, sharply denounced the political prosecutions occurring here.  Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for the Kremlin, condemned the guilty verdict as the “elimination of political rivals by all possible legal or illegal means.”

Even China, perhaps America’s greatest foreign adversary (and not known for being a bastion of democracy and freedom), reported negatively about the verdict.  Chinese state media framed the verdict as yet another way by the Biden government to “exacerbate political extremism” and “social unrest” domestically.

News of President Trump’s unprecedented conviction at the hand of a politicized and weaponized Justice Department has spread like wildfire the world over.  Many countries that once viewed the United States as a beacon of freedom are developing a much different view, one that is deeply jaded about the current trajectory under Joe Biden, of which the verdict is but only the latest example of a laundry list of woes.

Biden is equal parts awful at home and abroad: he strikes the image of a bumbling idiot on the global stage, conveying extreme weakness and incompetence, while running roughshod over the rule of law and civil liberties at home – going so far as to risk plunging America into chaos by prosecuting his leading political opponent in order to cheat his way to a second term, because at this point cheating and lawfare is the only way he knows how to win elections.

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