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“There Was One Holdout” – Rancher George Kelly’s Defense Lawyer Says It Was 7 to 1 For Not Guilty Verdict (VIDEO)

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

George Alan Kelly’s defense attorney Kathy Lowthorp spoke with the media after a judge declared a mistrial in the rancher’s murder case.

A status hearing will be held on Monday where the Santa Cruz County Attorney will decide if George Kelly will face a retrial.

Lowthorp said it was 7 to 1 for a not guilty verdict — One juror thought Kelly was guilty of second-degree murder (or lesser charges to include negligent homicide and manslaughter).

“There was one holdout,” Lowthorp told the press after she walked out of court.


George Alan Kelly’s defense attorney Kathy Lowthorp says the mistrial was caused by one holdout juror who believed Kelly to be guilty. She says the other 7 wanted to vote for acquittal. pic.twitter.com/BvS88AupcX

— Adam Klepp (@AdamKleppAZ) April 23, 2024

George Kelly was spotted walking out of court Monday evening after the judge declared a mistrial.

“It is what it is and it will be what it will be,” Kelly told reporters. “Let me go home, okay?”


“Let me go home,” George Alan Kelly speaks after the mistrial was declared. The Mexican Consulate said they hope the state will re-try the case and justice will be served. pic.twitter.com/IDYpaM806C

— Adam Klepp (@AdamKleppAZ) April 23, 2024

Judge Thomas Fink on Monday declared a mistrial after an Arizona jury was unable to reach a unanimous verdict in the murder trial for Arizona rancher George Alan Kelly.

Jurors deliberated last Thursday and were unable to reach a verdict. Deliberations continued on Friday and after more than 7 hours the jury sent a note to the judge and informed him they could not reach a verdict. The judge finally declared a mistrial on Monday after the jury was deadlocked again.

Kelly, 75, was arrested for killing Gabriel Cuen-Butimea, on his Arizona ranch in Kino Springs just outside of Nogales, Mexico on January 30, 2023.

According to reports, Gabriel Cuen-Butimea has a history of illegally crossing into the United States and multiple deportations.

According to the defense lawyers, Mr. Kelly fired warning shots after he saw a group of men dressed in camouflaged clothing point an AK-47 right at him.

The rancher later discovered the deceased illegal alien, who is likely a cartel smuggler, when he went to go check on his horse.

The bullet that killed Gabriel Cuen-Butimea was never recovered so authorities were never able to conduct a ballistics test to see if it matched George Kelly’s AK-47.

Kelly’s defense attorneys argued cartel bandits shot and killed Gabriel Cuen-Butimea and robbed him.

Will Biden’s corrupt Justice Department come after George Kelly if the Santa Cruz County Attorney decides not to pursue the case with a new trial?

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