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“They’re Torturing Us!” – J6 Political Prisoner Jake Lang Sends Out a Plea for Help After 1,200 Days in Prison without a Trial – Horseback Protest Planned for Wednesday

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

This past week J6 political prisoner Jake Lang passed 1,200 days of incarceration without a trial. This is Joe Biden’s America.

Languishing in pre-trial detention for years with no end in sight “feels like ‘an eternity,’” Lang told The Gateway Pundit in an exclusive interview.

“If not for God, I never would have made it this long as a POW,” he said.

Lang was apprehended by the Federal Bureau of Investigations on Jan. 16, 2021, for his alleged role in the Capitol riot.

He went to the Capitol intent on peacefully protesting and ended up saving lives.

In footage from the scene that day, Lang was seen pulling Phillip Anderson and Tommy Tatum, off the ground while they were being trampled and carrying them to safety as police indiscriminately fired on the crowd with rubber bullets, tear gas, and flash grenades and beat even the most peaceful demonstrators to a bloody pulp with nightsticks.

Jake told The Gateway Pundit this past weekend, “They basically removed the voices of dissent from the Brooklyn federal prison and took us both and put us in a solitary primate chamber on the rooftop of the prison here.”

It’s the same goal that they have in mind for President Donald Trump.  If I could see their wish for President Trump it would probably be something like wearing the same pair of underwear for over a week without them giving you clean underwear and an extra pair of socks or shampoo or bath towel to dry yourself with. These are the living conditions that, you know, are basically in store for any political dissident in America today or for Trump supporters.

“I’m just at my 1,200 day mark, if you can believe that. I just passed 1,200 days incarcerated without a trial, without being afforded the right to have bond or mail. Even though we filed twice and were rejected.”

“My legal team and I have now filed a lawsuit. It’s called a habeas corpus motion. It’s a lawsuit against Merrick Garland and the Brooklyn NPC prison here and assistant warden and the warden basically alleging, which is true, that they’ve been violating my constitutional rights and my human rights and I’m being tortured. And you know, this has been going on for three weeks now. The first two weeks of solitary, I was by myself and now they just added Ryan Samsel. So we’re fighting back. We’ve got a habeas corpus motion before the court right at my 1,200 day mark. So we’re not stopping.”

“I think we all in the January 6 community are kind of just sitting back and wondering when this will stop. When will the Republicans in Congress make a real stand for us? When will the Speaker of the House call together a new January 6 committee and let January 6ers such as myself go and tell our story?”

“We are praying for a Trump victory, when we know that the Democrats are up to the same nefarious scam, the mail-in voting. You know, the scam that they did and everything they did in 2020. We have to use every means at our disposal. So, you know, definitely, we are calling upon the Republicans in Congress to put the checks and balances in place against the Bureau of Prisons that’s torturing us, against the US Marshals whose are complicit in our torture and solitary confinement and lack of basic human sustenance that they’re providing us here. Congress needs to put a check on these federal abuses of power.”

There is a protest planned on Wednesday May 8, 2024 at the MDC Brooklyn Federal Prison at Noon Eastern.

Jake’s father Ned Lang will be there as will Cowboys for Trump member Couy Griffin.

Couy will be there with his horse.

The protest will be livestreamed on Rumble.

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