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“This Is Obama’s Third Term”: Mike Davis on Who’s Really Pulling the Strings in the Biden Regime (VIDEO)

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

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During an interview in the War Room, filling in for Steve Bannon, former Virginia Rep. Dave Brat welcomed Mike Davis, a vociferous critic of the Biden regime.

Davis, founder and president of the Article III Project (A3P), didn’t hold back in his accusations, asserting that the current U.S. administration is under the influential shadow of former President Barack Obama.

Davis boldly labeled the Biden regime as “Obama’s third term,” suggesting that Obama’s close associates, such as Susan Rice and Lisa Monaco, wield substantial power within the White House.

Dave Brat: Obama clearly had his Marxist leaning, said he would lightly touch on. I think he’s upset that he didn’t go harder when he was in house. And then Biden comes in and Obama’s in the background with Susan Rice and everybody pushing full steam ahead. Biden, I knew him years ago, didn’t seem like a Marxist. But just a shell for it.

And so what’s your best guess now? The political prognostication going forward? The mainstream media also, they’re not Marxists. I know they’re a bunch of young 30-year-old typists, right? They’re not really Marxists. But as Mike Benz has shown, the CNNs and some of the major media, they’re on the payrolls of the Department of Defense, the State Department, et cetera.

I got to look up those receipts. And so who’s at the top pulling the strings? That’s what everybody wants to know, right? Everybody’s going along with the big money. Where’s the big money that’s forcing these huge huge undercurrents that we’re all living out?

Mike Davis: The three people most responsible for America’s demise is you have China, you have George Soros, and you have President Barack Obama. Those are the people who are driving this.

Barack Obama pretends like he’s some moderate, he’s some reasonable man. He is a hard-charging Marxist. That’s how he was raised. That’s how he was brought up. And he is subversive.

And he has his people People, like you said, the Susan Rice’s of the world, the Lisa Monaco’s of the world, who are running the Biden administration. They’re running the Biden White House. They’re running the broader Biden administration, including the Biden Justice Department. There’s no question that this is Obama’s third term.


‘This is Obama’s Third Term’: Mike Davis on Who’s Running the Current Presidency

Mike Davis identifies China, George Soros, and Barack Obama as key factors in America’s decline.

“… Barack Obama pretends like he’s some moderate, he’s some reasonable man. He is a hard-charging… pic.twitter.com/cyleHzR69D

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The conversation took a deeper dive into the ideological battles playing out in the U.S. Davis criticized the Democrat Party’s shift from liberal to radical leftist, accusing them of undermining American values through divisive tactics and policies focused on equity over equality, censorship over free speech, and politicized justice over due process.

Wrapping up, Davis and Brat discussed the critical nature of the upcoming elections, arguing that the future of the Supreme Court and constitutional rights hangs in the balance.

Davis stressed the importance of conservative vigilance and proactive strategies to counteract the leftist agenda purportedly directed by figures like Obama from behind the scenes.

Watch the full interview:

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