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Times Square Terror: Man Brutally Attacked with Machete Inside McDonald’s

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Credit: NBC New York

In yet another alarming display of lawlessness in the heart of New York City, a man was brutally attacked with a machete in broad daylight in Times Square on Thursday.

The violent incident occurred outside a McDonald’s restaurant, according to New York Post.

The victim, whose identity has not been disclosed, suffered severe stab wounds to both legs and was transported to a local hospital. He is reportedly in stable condition and expected to survive this horrific assault.

According to a recent report, the NYPD has successfully apprehended all three suspects believed to be responsible for this brutal attack.

Eyewitness accounts describe one of the suspects wearing blue jeans and a black shirt, accessorized with a backpack. Another was clad in a black hoodie emblazoned with the “Wu Tang Clan” logo, and the third suspect wore a gray hoodie paired with blue jeans.

Despite these descriptions, police have yet to make any arrests, adding to the growing frustration among New Yorkers over the apparent impunity with which criminals operate.

This latest episode is part of a troubling trend of violent crimes that are becoming all too common across New York City.

Residents and business owners are increasingly alarmed by the rise in assaults, robberies, and other criminal activities that are eroding the quality of life and stifling economic recovery in areas like Times Square that are crucial for the city’s tourism and entertainment industries.

This is a developing story.

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