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Trump-Hating Comedian Michael Rapaport Now Says He’s Unendorsing ‘Cadaver’ Joe Biden in Expletive-Laden Rant (VIDEO)

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Credit: Michael Rapaport/X

Left-wing actor and Trump-hating comedian Michael Rapaport has unleashed a scathing attack on Joe Biden, declaring his withdrawal of support in a recent video posted on X.

In the video, Rapaport refers to Biden as “Smoking Joe” and “Cadaver Joe,” criticizing the Biden’s current foreign policy decisions, particularly the handling of military aid during ongoing conflicts involving Israel and the plight of American hostages.

“You dumb old motherf—er. You’re not sending weapons to Israel during a war while American hostages, American hostages and hostages from 22 countries are still in that f****** deep hole. You’re not sending weapons now, you dumb f***,” Rapaport said.

This comes after Joe Biden said he will stop sending bombs and artillery shells to Israel if it launches major invasion of Rafah, the final stronghold of Hamas terrorists.

“Civilians have been killed in Gaza as a consequence of those bombs and other ways in which they go after population centers,” Biden told CNN’s Erin Burnett in an exclusive interview.

“I made it clear that if they go into Rafah – they haven’t gone in Rafah yet – if they go into Rafah, I’m not supplying the weapons that have been used historically to deal with Rafah, to deal with the cities – that deal with that problem,” Biden said.

Biden also said, “I’ve made it clear to Bibi and the war cabinet: They’re not going to get our support, if in fact they go on these population centers.”

However, Israel has officially defied the Biden regime and started their offensive in the southern Gaza city of Rafah to finish off Hamas after calling the Islamist terror group’s claim that they accepted a ceasefire a lie.

Now, the leftwing actor, visibly agitated, declared his shift in political allegiance by stating, “I never, ever, ever thought I would say this, okay? But I could promise you this right now, smoking Joe Biden, cadaver Joe Biden, me, Michael Rapaport, I’m not voting for you. You’re not getting my vote. And plenty of us also ain’t voting for you.”

He also admitted that voting for former President Trump in 2024 is “on the table.”


I’m officially un-endorsing #JoeBiden I did so much work on behalf of this soft serve ice cream eating MF, I’m done.#Unendorsed pic.twitter.com/3bNOXYRuQn

— MichaelRapaport (@MichaelRapaport) May 9, 2024

This is the second time Rapaport attacked Joe Biden.

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