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Trump Releases New Ad Praising UNC Frat Brothers Who Rescued American Flag During Protest (VIDEO)

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

On Tuesday, a group of UNC student, identified as members of fraternities, stood together to hold up the American flag for an hour while anti-Israel protesters attempting to take down the flag and threw bottles, water, and rocks at them and hurled insults. (@estradguillermo / X screen shot)

A bunch of UNC fraternity brothers went viral – for a good reason – this week when they saved an American flag by preventing it from touching the ground.

Now they are being recognized in a new Trump ad.

American needs more young men like these students, willing to step up and defend America from the radical left.

RedState reports:

Trump Releases Soaring Campaign Ad Honoring UNC Frat Brothers Who Protected Flag

Former president Donald Trump released a rousing campaign ad Saturday on his Truth Social account featuring the UNC fraternity brothers and others across the nation who stood up against the radical pro-Hamas protesters on their campuses.

Despite what it can seem like when you turn on the news, not all college students are anti-Israel and supporters of terrorists—in fact, there’s a whole bunch of them who don’t like what’s going on either.

Trump has been paying attention, and his new spot shows video clips of many of these events set to soaring music. “While campuses struggle to get control of their students, at UNC-Chapel Hill, they are bringing order back,” the video begins.

In the ad, we see the violent pro-Hamas mobs across the country, but then we cut to students like the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill frat brothers who protected the American flag at their campus’ demonstration. The brothers from the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity are now famous, and country star John Rich has announced he will play a concert for them to honor their patriotism…

Watch the video:

The newest Trump Campaign ad celebrates the fact that not all college students have gone woke pic.twitter.com/I1FcS1zJ73

— Julia (@Jules31415) May 4, 2024

People have been disgusted by what has been happening on college campuses in recent weeks. These young men are being hailed as heroes and for good reasons.

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