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Trump’s Lawyer Delivers Crushing Blow to Michael Cohen in Explosive Closing Remarks — Calls Him ‘GLOAT’ – Greatest Liar of All Time

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

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In what can only be described as a masterclass of legal defense, Todd Blanche, attorney for President Donald Trump, delivered a devastating critique of the prosecution’s case and its star witness, Michael Cohen, in the closing arguments of Alvin Bragg’s politically motivated “show trial” in New York City.

The Gateway Pundit contributor Paul Ingrassia is attending the ongoing show trial today in New York City today.

It became increasingly clear that the prosecution’s case hinged precariously on the testimony of Michael Cohen, a figure who has proven time and again to be unreliable and self-serving.

Blanche masterfully dismantled Cohen’s statements, branding him the ‘GLOAT’ – Greatest Liar of All Time and dubbing him the “MVP of liars.”

“They say Tom Brady is the GOAT. Michael Cohen is the GLOAT – Greatest Liar of All Time,” said Blanche.

“He’s literally like an MVP of liars… he lies constantly. He’s lied to Congress, he lied to prosecutors, he lied to his family, business associates,” he added.

BREAKING: Trump’s lawyer just absolutely obliterated Michael Cohen in his closing remarks to the jury

“They say Tom Brady is the GOAT. Michael Cohen is the GLOAT – Greatest Liar of All Time” – Todd Blanche

“He’s literally like an MVP of liars… he lies constantly. He’s lied to… pic.twitter.com/siRCWDJaq2

— George (@BehizyTweets) May 28, 2024


According to Paul Ingrassia:

“Todd Blanche has so far been extremely thorough in his summation. He has touched upon every aspect of this case, including the alleged catch and kill schemes implicating Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougall, and explained why they weren’t catch or kill — having been made years before Trump ever even thought about running for president of the United States, and long within the public domain.

He discussed the longstanding, decades long partnership between Trump, AMI, and David Spencer going back decades, explaining how suppressing stories was a routine part of the business — and how Pecker, a long time friend, found covering Trump financially lucrative. He articulated clearly how this was standard practice, nothing was abnormal about NDAs and hush money payments, certainly not unlawful.

And certainly the Daniels story, being publicized in 2011, had no bearing on 2016. He explained how this case lives and dies on Michael Cohen’s testimony. He restated time and again, reinforcing his argument with countless examples, of why Cohen is a liar, seeking every opportunity to benefit himself financially and professionally. “He is the human embodiment of reasonable doubt.” Blanche said “Cohen is the GLOAT: the Greatest Liar of All Time.”

… Cohen lied to his family, his kids, his banker, the FEC, every single reporter he talked to for a year about a year. He is literally like the MVP of LIARS. He lied to prosecutors, to Congress, reporters, federal judges. He’s also a thief, who literally stole tens of thousands of dollars, admitted on the stand, on his way out the door. Never prosecuted.

Stellar job driving that point home: He also explained how these allegedly erroneous filings were made while Trump was President, not before the 2016 race.

And so it was impossible that these filings had any fraudulent intent, let alone had anything to do with affecting the results of the 2016 election. He explained cogently that any campaign is a “conspiracy” to win an election. However, Trump had no knowledge about these filings. In any event, there’s absolutely nothing fraudulent or criminal about marking legal expenses for what they are, namely, legal expenses.

He also explained how the other alleged crimes linked to the alleged record keeping error — tax fraud, FEC violation, and a books and records crime have absolutely no basis. Trump accurately reported this filing to the IRS, to a government ethics office, and on social media platforms like Twitter. “This is a very easy non guilty verdict,” Blanche ends his scorching closing statement. President Trump should be proud of Todd Blanch’s terrific work this morning.

Blanche proceeded to highlight several instances where he claimed Cohen had fabricated or misrepresented details. For example, he disputed Cohen’s account of attempting to contact Trump after receiving a text message from Melania Trump, stating that phone records showed no such call took place.

The attorney also accused Cohen of committing perjury by falsely claiming he had warned Trump’s bodyguard about the forthcoming Stormy Daniels payoff.

Seeking to further undermine Cohen’s credibility, Blanche probed his motivations, suggesting the former Trump loyalist was driven by a desire for fame and vengeance against his former boss.

The attorney argued that Cohen was attempting to parlay his insider knowledge into personal gain, including a reduced sentence for his own crimes and a lucrative new career criticizing Trump.

Throughout the closing arguments, Blanche repeatedly emphasized the “10 reasons” why the jury should have “reasonable doubt” about the prosecution’s case, ranging from Cohen’s alleged fabrication of invoices to the absence of evidence that Trump knowingly participated in any wrongdoing.

A possibly disturbing development has unfolded, leading many to believe the fix is already in for a Trump conviction or imprisonment.

Now, we learn that Secret Service officials have met with jailhouse officials to prepare for President Trump to go to prison.

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