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UNC Frat Bros Update: John Rich Promises to Perform at “Flagstock”

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Photo credit: Parker Ali

On Wednesday morning,  The Gateway Pundit reported on the heroic University of North Carolina fraternity brothers who protected a fallen American flag from a pro-Hamas mob despite a violent onslaught from the radicals.

Their patriotic actions inspired Americans across the country.

A GoFundMe was started with the modest goal of throwing these young men an ‘epic rager.’

But their actions resonated so profoundly with their fellow Americans that that goal was epically surpassed. The fundraiser raised more than $500,000 in 24 hours.

Country music legend John Rich announced his plans to join the brothers for the upcoming party dubbed ‘Flagstock.’

Rich shared, “I just wanted to give you a little update on the free concert offer I made to the folks at UNC, to those students for their bravery and their patriotism by not allowing our United States flag to hit the ground.”

“They stood there while they were being hit with bottles, and rocks, and sticks, and they just stood there.  They did not let Old Glory touch the ground.”

“So we are going to find a date to do this show, we are calling it ‘Flagstock.’  I’ll keep you posted.”


I have an update on the concert I offered to the frat boys at UNC! VOLUME UP! #FlagStock pic.twitter.com/Qr7dbKVbrb

— John Rich (@johnrich) May 2, 2024

An update on the GoFundMe page shares, “We have been overwhelmed by the sheer force of patriotism on display here. What started as a modest request to buy a few kegs for some great young guys has ballooned into an American cultural moment, with millions of people paying attention: blue and red, left and right, all of the above.”

“First, people should understand that we organized this fundraiser independently. That has been misreported by certain press outlets. We aren’t brothers ourselves: just Americans who admire young people like the men of UNC fraternities — members from at least eight different houses, by our count, many of whom we’ve now met.”

The organizer also shared that funds will be distributed to multiple fraternities involved in protecting Old Glory from protestors to support charitable causes “that are consistent with the fundraiser’s patriotic theme.”

The willingness of these young men to stand up to the destructive forces has been echoed on college campuses across the country.

Thursday afternoon at Ole Miss, HUNDREDS of male students gathered at the Pro-Hamas camp and began singing the National Anthem.

Pro-America students at LSU drowned out pro-Hamas protesters with chants of  “USA! USA!”

Even students in liberal New Jersey at Rutgers University have had enough of the terrorist apologists as students countered the anti-Israel agitators on campus and waved the American flag, chanting, ‘USA! USA!’

In a twist no one was expecting, patriots rallied at the liberal hotbed of The University of Chicago.

Patriots rallied at the University of Chicago. pic.twitter.com/PLq7rSNVxT

— Citizen Free Press (@CitizenFreePres) May 3, 2024

Students at GWU, where a statue of George Washington was covered by a Palestinian terrorist rag and flag, unfurled a massive American flag right in the faces of the protestors.

Three GWU students unfurl massive American flag.

The Hamas student leaders are not pleased.

Video from @BorderHawkNewspic.twitter.com/CiABI9MEp8

— Citizen Free Press (@CitizenFreePres) May 4, 2024

At a time when it is easy to despair about the younger generation, there is also much to be hopeful of.

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