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US Prison HELL: J6 Defense Attorney Stanley Woodward Refuses To Answer J6 Hostage Ryan Samsel’s Call For Emergency Surgery To Remove Deadly Blood Clots

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

J6 political prisoner Ryan Samsel needs to get to the emergency room immediately.

Instead, he is perpetually locked in a cell of the New York prison system where inmates including Jefferey Epstein are known to mysteriously kill themselves or beg for medical care, for days before they die.

After languishing for over a month in solitary confinement on the roof of the Metropolitan Detention Center Brooklyn, a prison notorious for its horrific conditions, Ryan called The Gateway Pundit in duress Friday.

“I can’t walk. I’m in so much pain. It’s so fucked up here. My leg is swollen, where I had the blood clot — it’s real stiff, where my ankle is,” Samsel explained on the recorded line at the federal prison. “You can feel there is something in there. When I walk it hurts. I filed a medical grievance and Sam told me his going to get me to see a medical doctor.”

For protesting on Jan. 6, 2021, Ryan Samsel is locked in caged in a filthy cell enduring the stench of sewage leaking through the ceiling, the sound of non-stop screaming and fighting among the other inmates who have lost their minds from constant lockdown, being housed on a block with child predators and trannies, starving rather than eating the rotten food he is served — which we now know is infested with maggots — and uncertainty of whether he’ll survive incarceration without surgery.

The Brooklyn prison is so dangerous federal judges in New York are in a legal battle with the Department of Justice and the Bureau of Prisons over the cruel and unusual treatment ongoing in the notorious correctional facility. Staffers at the Sunset Park federal prison are under fire for depriving inmates of court-ordered medical treatment.

For weeks, the jail has canceled Samsel’s legal calls. But allegedly his attorney Stanley Woodward and mitigation expert Sam Mangel, whom Samsel just paid a whopping $45,000 to retain, were told he canceled their calls.

Samsel’s family tried reaching his attorney Stanley Woodward numerous times to no avail when Samsel went missing in the hole barred from communication. 

Finally, Woodward responded with a text, claiming, “He refused three calls with me this week.”

Now, in a life-or-death medical emergency Woodward, is still M.I.A., out of pocket and out to lunch. 

In Woodward’s absence, this reporter found another attorney willing to immediately assist Samsel. Attorney Jon Gross agreed Thursday to file an emergency complaint that would persuade a judge to allow him to go to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Woodward asked Samsel’s family to let him know he must simply “file a medical slip” to see a doctor.

“You know I’ve been scheduling legal calls with him,” the attorney for several high-profile defendants wrote to Samsel’s family in a text after ignoring several of their calls. “The best thing for him to do is submit a medical call slip. Please ask him to do that.”

“If he has not written one today, they will not give him medical today.”

If only it were that easy while incarcerated.


Over time if not treated, the clots become muscular tumors or fibroids. Samsel now lives with golf-ball-sized lumps on his body as he continues to develop more blood clots. Samsel had already asked guards for help on Monday and submitted a medical slip when he realized bizarre lumps emerged on the back of his neck. But prison guards have yet to escort him to medical.

“We trusted him in the beginning. Now, he just literally changed his tune. He is not advocating for his own client’s medical treatment,” the concerned family member told TGP in an exclusive interview. “This has been going on for years, went to hearings, and told the judge — nothing got resolved. Stanley is just not doing anything to push things along for him to get medical treatment. It’s like he’s just leaving him in the dust letting him sit there and rot in the jail. Ryan’s life is in his hands at this point. These attorneys would not be called out, if they would just fight. Stanley is not doing his job, advocating for his client’s dire medical conditions.”

Samsel’s family member shot back at Woodward’s inept response, warning “He needs to go to the emergency room and has a blood clot and what are you going to do about it right now?!”

Woodward has yet to respond.

The last time Samsel was in court, when he was found guilty by Judge Jia Cobb during a Feb. 2 verdict hearing, attorneys representing his co-defendants argued on behalf of their client’s presentencing release, asking Judge Cobb to allow the other J6 defendants to remain free ahead of sentencing in June.

Judge Cobb granted their request, allowing the other defendants Paul Johnson, Steven Randolph and Jason Blythe to return home after court. Woodard didn’t utter a word for the duration of the proceeding.

Samsel asked the judge if he could approach the bench and then plead with her for the 15 minutes she permitted him to speak to “please” authorize him the vascular surgery to safely live through incarceration without blood clots or reliance on blood thinners. 

Woodward interrupted Samsel, only to utter a few words.  “He can wait until he goes to prison,” he told the judge.

Criminal defense attorney Stanley Woodward.

After Woodward refused to answer a dozen of Samsel and TGP’s calls in December, this reporter found another attorney, Brad Geyer willing to file a lawsuit in Samsel’s medical battle with the Bureau of Prisons.

But Woodward refused to avail Samsel’s medical records to Geyer’s team.

Samsel requested that Woodward be removed from his case, but was informed by Judge Cobb that she would not grant his request ahead of his sentencing which was slated for June 13, but postponed to Sept. 3, Samsel’s birthday.

It remains unclear why Woodward, refuses to advocate for the J6 political prisoner’s medical treatment, even during this emergency.

Mysteriously, Samsel was transferred to the DC Gulag to the Sunset Park Brooklyn prison in February while awaiting sentencing in the DC court.

J6 defendants regularly complain about inadequate defense counsel, with a limited pool of attorneys willing to take their cases. In February, Samsel pursued representation from Amy Collins to file a complaint for medical treatment. After a discussion with prosecutors, Collins allegedly offered Samsel home detention in exchange for his testimony against President Donald Trump during Trump’s J6 trial.  

One defense who asked his name be withheld suggested we file a FOIA request to uncover whether prosecutors are getting bonuses for securing convictions against J6 defendants. Samsel’s family fears Woodward has a backdoor deal with prosecutors as well.

Former criminal defense attorney Jonathon Moseley is assisting the non-profit Condemned USA with drafting litigation for several J6 defendants including the former president.

Condemned USA is also assisting J6 political hostage, Marine Corp veteran Dominic Pezzola with forging a complaint that will allow him treatment for cancer while serving a 10-year-prison sentence in FCI Butner in North Carolina for protesting at the US Capitol on Jan. 6.

Samsel and Pezolla were both detained in a Virginia prison when the FBI offered them plea deals that entailed lying about Proud Boys leader Joseph Biggs having a gun during the Capitol riot.  Samsel offered to testify about the agreement during the Proud Boys trial, while Pezzola admitted on the stand during the trial that the government told him they would let he would go home if he advanced the fictitious seditious conspiracy narrative, but he refused.

Moseley wonders whether Woodward’s unethical refusal to get Samsel to a doctor is strategic.

Former criminal defense attorney Jonathon Moseley.

“Maybe he thinks if he can just make friends with the prosecutor he’ll get a better deal,” Moseley, told TGP in an exclusive interview. “It’s inadequate to say, ‘Fill out a medical slip’ when Ryan’s movement is restricted. He can’t just wander over to an office and fill out a medical slip, like in high school. He’s locked down.

“There are forms he has to request, that they will ignore, and I assume he’s already done that to the extent that he can. But this is not just a high school campus. It’s a prison. S,o somebody on the outside needs to do that,” he continued. “I can only imagine that Stanley doesn’t want to ‘rock the boat’ before sentencing. I have no idea.”

Moseley, a criminal defense attorney for 22 years, was prepared months ago to assist the Geyer with drafting a habeas corpus lawsuit documenting the medical deprivation and how the assaults Samsel has endured while detained have worsened his blood-clotting condition.

“We were going to help make sure something was filed back in December. Stan interfered with it and still hasn’t done anything,” Moseley admonished. “It’s almost June.”

Moseley warns the government has repeatedly assaulted and tortured Samsel to shut him up.

“The assaults on Ryan Samsel are real.” Moseley told previously told TGP. “Ryan Samsel can testify about Ray Epps, so, they have either got to flip him or they’ve got to disappear him.”




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