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Victor Reacts: This is Embarrassing! LA Mayor Begs Rich People to Donate Houses to Homeless People (VIDEO)

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Well, this is embarrassing. The failed L.A. Mayor Karen Bass, who promised that she would solve homelessness, is now begging rich people for money and houses.

The Gateway Pundit reported,

Cities around the country are dealing with a homelessness problem that has exploded in recent years. In Los Angeles, California, the problem is severe, with thousands upon thousands of people living in tents on sidewalks.

Democrat Mayor Karen Bass has an idea for solving the city’s problem. She wants wealthy residents to buy housing for the homeless. Good luck with that.

Does she really think that Hollywood liberals like Rob Reiner are going to put their money where there mouths are? Unlikely.

Townhall reported: Here’s How One Democrat Mayor Wants to ‘Solve’ Homelessness

On Monday, Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass (D) urged wealthy constituents to buy housing for homeless people in the city.

Bass made the remarks as she announced the LA4LA Campaign, which is aimed at creating housing for the city’s growing homeless population. According to the Los Angeles Times, over 45,000 homeless people live in the city…

“We are asking the most fortunate Angelenos to participate in this effort, with personal, private sector and philanthropic funds – to help us acquire more properties, lower the cost of capital and speed up housing,” Bass explained. “This is the mission of our new capital campaign, LA4LA.”…

Does she really believe that rich people are going to spend their money propping up a failed Democratic mayor? Maybe the rich liberal elite will start to walk the walk and not just talk the talk, but I won’t be holding my breath.

Around the country, Democrat-controlled cities are experiencing crime, drug abuse, homelessness, and even an increase in people pooping in the street. How long will it be before people finally realize that voting blue might not be the answer?

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