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Watch General Flynn’s Epic New Movie “FLYNN- DELIVER THE TRUTH WHATEVER THE COST” Today! – And See TGP’s Cara Castronuova’s Video Interview with General Flynn!

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

General Michael Flynn’s movie is making waves across the nation.

The Gateway Pundit had the opportunity to attend an exclusive screening of the FLYNN – Deliver the Truth, Whatever the Cost. We interviewed General Flynn at The America First Warehouse in Hauppauge, New York, one of the stops in his nationwide tour promoting the film. *See our review below.

Watch our interview here with General Flynn:

You can watch the movie today and support General Flynn’s inspiring message to America. It is available for purchase and rent on major streaming platforms including Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, and YouTube. It is $5.99 to rent and $19.99 to purchase.

Watch FLYNN – Deliver the Truth, Whatever the Cost.

General Flynn’s 48-day nationwide tour across the United States has significantly raised awareness about the federal government’s corruption and its unjust application of the law. This grassroots campaign has been enthusiastically supported by Americans nationwide who oppose the entrenched Uniparty politics and the deep-seated corruption within the federal bureaucracy and corporate media.

General Flynn’s tour bus, stopped on Long Island at The America First Warehouse.

This film has dominated the Amazon best-seller list for weeks, outperforming major films like Dune and Oppenheimer, and has trended on X multiple times since its early April premiere. Flynn has been promoting the film on prominent shows with hosts such as Steve Bannon, Charlie Kirk, Brandon Tatum and Chris Cuomo.

Expect a beautifully made sentimental and hard-hitting biographical documentary showcasing the heroic general’s military career, his devoted family ties, and the relentless political witch hunt he faced at the hands of the corrupt Department of Justice.


General Flynn in FLYNN – Deliver the Truth, Whatever the Cost.

The documentary features commentary by General Flynn, his wife and siblings, and stars like Tucker Carlson, Devin Nunes, Investigative Journalist Tracy Beanz and Green Beret Ivan Raiklin.

Tucker Carlson appears and narrates in FLYNN – Deliver the Truth, Whatever the Cost.

“I think that General Flynn’s story is an inspiring story because he wasn’t broken,” said Tucker Carlson. “He would say readily he wasn’t broken because of the love of his family. Because of his faith. General Flynn found himself in a circumstance he did not anticipate at all. I know he never expected to find himself persecuted by his own government the he served for the course of his entire life. We can all wind up in a situation like that and all we can hope for is the strength to continue to tell the truth in the face of adversity…and to be surrounded by people we love who support us and come out on the other end whole. And he has achieved all of that. And so I see his story as a great victory- actually as a triumph. He is still whole. He is wounded by what happened to him- his family is wounded by what happened to him- but he is not broken. He still has dignity and he still has an unwavering commitment to tell the truth. If you come out of a situation like the one that he lived through with that intact, then you have won.”

General Flynn served as President Trump’s National Security Advisor before he was attacked by the Deep State.


There was a particularly poignant scene where General Flynn and his family spoke about the kindness the American people showed their family by generously donating to his legal fund so Flynn could defend himself against the weight of the weaponized federal government. The scene was narrated by his family over footage of General Flynn struggling under dark ocean waters and then finally coming up, breathing air and swimming to shore.

General Michael Flynn is a lifelong surfer.

Said General Flynn during the scene:

“There was a moment when I just felt like I was deep down under water and I felt like I was drowning. The American people started to come into my life and there was a moment where I just felt like air was being breathed into my lungs. Over time, instead of being pounded down below the surface of the ocean, I started to come up. It was like I am now above the surface and I am starting to swim to shore. I had the shore a long distance off- but I can see the shoreline. It is out there and I started to swim.”


The film candidly addresses General Flynn’s son Michael Flynn Jr.’s depression and thoughts of suicide after he too was raided and heavily targeted by the Feds in their sick attempt to pressure his father to take a plea deal. The father and son were only permitted to speak to each other through their attorneys. General Flynn eventually took a plea deal to save his son from the wrath of the Department of Justice.

The Dishonorable Judge Emmet Sullivan, appointed by Bill Clinton, politically persecuted General Michael Flynn.

“I went into a very deep depression going into 2018,” confessed Michael Flynn Junior. “I mean a suicidal depression. I don’t say that lightly because that is not a topic that is easy to discuss. The only thing that kept me alive was my son and thank God I had him in my life.”


This reporter loved the last line of the film, delivered by General Flynn.

“Is there any regret that I have in life? For what I experienced I should sit here and say I have a lot of them- I have a lot of regrets. But when I look back at my life and I understand the lives that were lost (gets emotional)…I mean I am sitting here with you…I’m here and I can tell my story.

Sometimes redemption can be as simple as telling your story.

If General Flynn can find redemption after tremendous adversity, so can you.

Because in the end GOD WINS.

General Michael Flynn and Gateway Pundit reporter Cara Castronuova.

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“I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me.” Phil 4:13.

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