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WATCH: Police Smack Around Violent Anti-Israel Agitators in Brooklyn

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Credit: @probablyreadit

Violent anti-Israel protesters got a rude awakening from New York City’s finest in Brooklyn on Saturday, with some ending up beaten and bloodied for their troubles.

Videos released from the protest show part of the large angry mob violently confronting police as they try to move the agitators towards the sidewalk in Bay Ridge.

The New York Post witnessed a protester hurling a water bottle at the cops as they tried to restore order.

As Al Jazeera reported, the purpose of this protest was to mark the Nakba. This is the remembrance of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who were displaced during the 1948 Palestine Civil War.

The New York Times reported officers slugged at least three people on the ground at the demonstration. Police also tackled and arrested several other demonstrators, according to the New York Post.

Below is one video making rounds on the internet purportedly showing a pro-Hamas agitator being assaulted by a cop while pinned down. But as one will see, the video is missing context.


NOW: As pro-Palestine protesters reached an intersection, officers rushed in and grabbed people out of the crowd seemingly at random

Officers tackled multiple protesters to the ground and then proceeded to punch them pic.twitter.com/fyPfA8emyM

— katie smith (@probablyreadit) May 18, 2024

Another angle shows the protester seemingly assaulting a police officer from behind. How did the individual expect the police to act?

The man with the backpack is blocking the key interaction, but two frames show that Ibn FAFO is actually grabbing or shoving Red Arrow from behind. Blue Arrow immediately moves to wrap his left arm around Ibn FAFO.

Do not — ever — physically assault a cop from behind pic.twitter.com/7FtZWIjSfO

— Strxwmxn (@strxwmxn) May 19, 2024

A senior law enforcement official told the New York Times at least 34 people were arrested. The NYPD has yet to release details on the charges the agitators are facing.

Given this is New York City, however, odds are they will be let out with a slap on the wrist while the New York DA’s office continues to persecute President Donald Trump on an expired misdemeanor turned felony that the prosecution still can’t explain.

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