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WAYNE ROOT: Here’s #1 Way to Solve Open Borders Disaster: Copy South Korea and Build “U.S./Mexico Demilitarized Zone”

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Illegal aliens corraled in into a fenced off area in Eagle Pass, Texas thanks to Joe Biden’s open border policies.

By Wayne Allyn Root

There are so many ways to solve our illegal immigration crisis and stop the open borders disaster. I’ll start with a few obvious ones…

*First and foremost, elect President Donald J. Trump on November 5th. It all starts with this one solution. If we fail to elect President Trump, the border will stay open forever more, we will never elect another Republican President (or Congress), and America is finished. So, everything else I recommend below is dependent on Trump’s election.

* “Build the wall and deport them all.” Duh. This one is pretty simple. A nation without borders is no longer a nation. It’s a dumping ground for all the world’s poor, lazy, unskilled, diseased, gangbangers, terrorists and violent criminals of all kinds. Build the wall, but see my very last recommendation below on how to make it foolproof.

*On day one, immediately start the biggest mass deportation program in world history. We have to remove millions of felons, gangbangers, murderers, terrorists and military-age males first. Then all the rest who came illegally under Joe Biden (and his boss Obama). This will destroy Democrats’ “Great Replacement” plan to intentionally destroy America by changing the electorate.

*Reapply Title 42 (aka “Stay in Mexico”). No one is allowed into America. You want to legally apply? Great, then wait in a tent on the other side (in Mexico) for about ten years while your claim is being processed.

*Fire the new 86,000 IRS agents (aka “Gestapo thugs” hired by Democrats to harass, intimidate and destroy Republicans), and use the $86 billion dollars saved to hire 86,000 ICE and border agents. We need all those new agents to deport 20 to 30 million bad guys illegally in our country.

*Fly thousands of drones over the border to work with border patrol to make our border 100% impassable.

*Ban birthright citizenship. You have no right to break into our country illegally, drop a baby, and stay forever. Those days are over. And why should we pay the medical bills for your pregnancy in the first place?

*Ban allowing illegal aliens to invite family members into the USA. We choose who comes into our country- illegal invaders don’t get to choose. We should only choose the best and brightest.

*Ban the U.S. census from counting illegal aliens/noncitizens. This is just a scam by Democrats to add more Congressional seats in blue states.

*This is a big one…

Ban all forms of welfare, food stamps, housing allowances, free public school, free healthcare, and don’t forget “earned income tax credits.” If you’re here illegally you didn’t earn anything.

I believe virtually every illegal invader comes to America nowadays for the generous welfare benefits. End welfare for illegals and watch what happens. No one will come anymore. They won’t even try. The journey through Mexico now filled with millions of invaders, will suddenly become a ghost town. And most of those already here will voluntarily go home.

*Pass “Government-issued Voter ID” with photo and fingerprint as the law of the land for voting. That’s “racist” you say? Then how come to vote in Mexico you must show Government-issued Voter ID with photo and fingerprint? If it’s good enough for Mexico, it’s good enough for America.

*Make English the official and only language of voting in the USA. No more voting in Spanish, or Chinese, or Arabic. English only. If you can’t read English, you shouldn’t be voting.

*As Bill Maher would say, “New Rule:” If you vote as non-citizen…it’s a felony punishable by instant deportation.

But I saved the two best ideas for last…

First, demand any illegal alien caught trying to enter America, or caught anywhere inside America, before being instantly deported, will first be injected with the Covid vaccine. Even the illegal aliens all know how dangerous and deadly the Covid vaccine is. They want no part of it. This alone will scare away everyone in the world thinking of illegally crossing our border.

Now that no one in America wants the booster, this is how we keep Pfizer in business!

Second, President Trump should build more than a wall. He should build a South Korea-like Demilitarized Zone (aka DMZ).

This is an ironclad, 100% surefire way to prevent anyone from ever again getting into the USA illegally.

Does anyone from North Korea ever get into South Korea? Never. It’s impossible.

Can North Korea secretly invade South Korea through this military buffer zone? Never. It’s impossible.

They’d have to cross a 2.5-mile DMZ, lined with barriers, loudspeakers, video cameras, and drones, with soldiers, guns and tanks waiting on the other end. Good luck.

This is exactly what President Trump needs to build on the US-Mexico border. A two-mile militarized buffer zone. The U.S. government needs to buy two miles of land on the border at market price (to be fair to the ranchers).

Next fill it with three layers of walls and steel fences, with barbed wire at the top. Anyone trying to enter America would have to walk through this two-mile buffer zone, out in the open.

No invader or illegal alien could get over one wall, let alone three, with drones, radar, sophisticated video, and border agents watching and waiting along our border. No one will ever get through again.

Call it the U.S./Mexico DMZ.

Is this expensive? No, actually it’s cheap. It’s the best taxpayer money we’ve ever spent. We will save trillions of dollars in welfare for illegals.

Plus, tens of thousands of American lives will be saved from death at the hands of foreign criminals. And we will dramatically cut the odds of terrorist attacks. Our citizens will be safe again.

Add in millions of jobs saved for American citizens, instead of foreigners. Our public schools and healthcare system will be saved from bankruptcy. And think of the billions saved from spending on police, courts, lawyers.

This is how we create “Fortress America” and make America great again.

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