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WAYNE ROOT: My CIA Sources Say Biden Administration Knows Waves of “Red Dawn” Terror Attacks Will Be Carried Out in USA Any Day. Yet They Refuse to Warn the American People. Why?

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Op-ed by Wayne Allyn Root

I’ve been warning on my national TV and radio shows for many months about waves of “Red Dawn” terror attacks coming soon to the USA. My warning was not based on any inside information from the government. It was based only on my common sense and gut instincts.

That’s all changed. I now have high-level, inside information from my sources at the CIA confirming what’s coming.

Anyone can see that this O’Biden administration (led by zombie dementia puppet Joe Biden and his boss Obama- the real president) have opened the borders and waved the entire world in. And anyone with a brain knows that among the millions waved in, have been hundreds of thousands, if not millions of terrorists.

Just recently, the National Sheriffs Association claimed there are two million terrorists inside the USA. Please understand all it took was 2,000 terrorists on October 7th to invade Israel and murder, rape, burn, and behead 1,200 innocent souls.

Can you imagine what damage and death two million terrorists could do inside the USA?

That’s an army bigger than our entire combined armed forces (we have 1.3 million active-duty military).

That’s an army bigger than our entire combined police force in the USA (we have 800,000 combined police officers).

I’ve written many commentaries warning what they might have planned for America. My biggest fear is not another massive high-tech 9-11 terror attack. Although that may be coming.

My biggest fear is simple, low-tech attacks that are easy and inexpensive to carry out. I’ve even used the name “Red Damn” to describe what I see coming. Remember the movie “Red Dawn” starring Patrick Swayze? America was invaded by a foreign country (Russia).

Well, today there is no need for an invasion by our enemies. Because the invasion has already happened. Millions of terrorists and Chinese military age males are already inside the USA.

But what are they waiting for? Are they waiting for the right moment to create chaos for our upcoming presidential election?

Are they waiting for the moment China attacks Taiwan?

Are they training inside our country for the perfect moment for a coordinated “Red Dawn” terror attack?

Simple. Inexpensive. All our enemies would need to do is the following: Coordinate 50 groups of terrorists to walk into supermarkets, department stores, train stations, airport terminals, hotel lobbies, restaurants, nightclubs, theatres and schools. 50 groups at the exact same time, in 50 cities across the country. And start killing.

Who would stop them?

It’s already proven successful in Israel on October 7th. That’s the blueprint. By the time enough police, or military get to each terror scene there will be 100 dead, or more, at each scene. What if 100 Americans were murdered in 50 cities at the exact same time?

That’s 5,000 dead Americans.

America would be paralyzed. The economy would come to a standstill. The stock market would crash. No one would leave their house for weeks. Cities would become ghost towns. Our streets would be patrolled by military. This is how you collapse a powerful country.

And this would be easy to do. Just find 100 terrorists in 50 cities. That’s 5,000 terrorists. Armed with only pistols, rifles, and knives. Throw in a few grenades. Low tech.

Is finding 5,000 terrorists hard? It’s easy considering there may be two million terrorists inside the USA. Now keep in mind, this was all from my imagination.

But what if I told you my worst fears and nightmares have now been confirmed?

Days ago, my CIA sources called me to tell me the US government knows a “Red Dawn” terrorist attack is coming any day. That’s their exact words. “Red Dawn.” The CIA is scared to death. Yet they refuse to warn the American people.

Worse, they know exactly why it’s coming. This is the direct fault of the Biden administration. And I’m not even talking about the open border.

It turns out that when Biden (and his boss Obama) ordered the U.S. military retreat from Afghanistan (the worst retreat in US military history)…and ordered them to abandon their bases, leaving behind $85 billion dollars of equipment…guess what was left behind?

First, it appears they left behind sensitive information with names and addresses of US military “special operators” (ie Navy Seals, Green Berets, special forces). Which would explain the incident days ago, in North Carolina, where two Chechen utility contractors illegally in the U.S. were spotted with telephoto lens outside the home of a US Special Forces Major. The Major saw them taking photos of his children playing, confronted them and shot one dead.

How did these alleged terrorists know the name of this Major? How did they find his address? Why were they at his home taking photos of his children? How many families of special forces are in danger right now? Thank Joe Biden- he handed them that information.

But it gets worse.

The NSA in its haste to abandon Afghanistan under orders from Joe Biden (and his boss Obama) left behind sensitive equipment that creates and issues official U.S. passports.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Terrorist enemies of the US now have the capability to issue official U.S. passports to as many terrorists as they want, to come to America and commit mass murder. They don’t even need to sneak in over the open border. Now they can walk right into our country at any airport and breeze right through customs.

My CIA sources used the exact term “Red Dawn.” They know we are facing waves of “Red Dawn” terror attacks.

It’s no longer my imagination. The nightmare is reality. It’s coming any day now. Our government knows that. It’s their fault. They’re petrified with fear. And they refuse to warn the American people.

Consider this your warning.

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