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WHAT A SHAME: CNN’s Primetime Ratings Are Going DOWN as They Cover the Trump Trial 24/7

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

In recent weeks, CNN has shifted their Trump obsession to the sham Trump trial in New York. They even had hosts do an embarrassing ‘dramatic reading’ of trial transcripts that got panned on social media.

The bad news for the far left network is that it is not doing anything to help their already sagging ratings. In fact, their primetime viewership is going down.

Most Americans are far more concerned about the economy, inflation and the invasion of the southern border, but CNN doesn’t care. They need their Trump-hating fix every single day.

FOX News reports:

CNN’s primetime lineup hits dismal viewership low despite New York v. Trump trial

CNN’s long-struggling primetime lineup hit a significant viewership low in a critical category last week despite the landmark New York v. Trump trial dominating the news cycle.

CNN’s primetime lineup of “Anderson Cooper 360,” “The Source with Kaitlan Collins,” and “CNN NewsNight with Abby Phillip” managed only 83,000 nightly viewers in the advertiser-coveted demographic of adults age 25-54 from May 13-19. The dismal total tied the network’s 2023 Thanksgiving week for its smallest audience in the critical category since 1991.

By comparison, Fox News programs “Jesse Watters Primetime,” “Hannity,” and “Gutfeld!” averaged 186,000 demo viewers to crush CNN’s audience by over 100,000 people between the ages 25-54.

CNN’s primetime lineup had a smaller audience among the demo than 23 different basic cable options, including FXX, MTV, Hallmark Channel, Discovery, A&E, Adult Swim, Comedy Central, TLC, HGTV, Food Network. ESPN2, and Bravo, in addition to Fox News and MSNBC.

CNN’s primetime lineup wasn’t particularly successful among total viewers, either, averaging only 484,000 total viewers compared to two million for Fox News.

How could CNN possibly be losing viewers with compelling news coverage like this?

CNN’s dramatic transcript reading has the vibes of a local parish on Good Friday- when random readers flatly drone text they don’t fully understand. “Didn’t I see you with the Galilean?” pic.twitter.com/zEzXONZL6R

— Raymond Arroyo (@RaymondArroyo) May 14, 2024

It would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic and sad.

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