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Wild Weather: Powerful Storms Turn Downtown Houston into the Apocalypse and Send Residents Fleeing in Terror – At Least Four People Dead (VIDEOS)

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Credit: @collinrugg

At least four people were killed Thursday night in Houston, Texas, as powerful storms swept through the city, causing severe flooding and extensive property damage.

Houston Fire Chief Samuel Peña revealed at a news briefing that two of the four people who died were killed by falling trees, while a third died when a crane blew over.

One resident told the WHSV that the damage to the city was so severe that “it looks like a bomb went off.”

Some Houston residents also claim they saw tornadoes amid the chaotic weather. NWS Houston will work to confirm these reports in the coming days.

The downtown area of Houston was hit particularly hard, and the aftermath looked like scenes from a horror movie. One video shows people working on a top building floor, screaming and fleeing in terror as the storm shatters the glass. Large debris is also seen flying up against and possibly into the building.


Downtown Houston was just hit with a major tornado pic.twitter.com/3DUXOEownu

— Champagne Sloshy (@JoshyBeSloshy) May 17, 2024

Pity the people caught up in the middle of this inferno, especially in the street. One has to wonder what they were thinking.

This was the window-busting, tree-toppling storm that blasted Houston.
Mamajuana Cafe, downtown
Claudia Prats Sanchez pic.twitter.com/d3FytWIewH

— Adam Krueger (@AdamKrueger) May 17, 2024

During the storms, winds gusted up to 100 miles per hour, knocking out power for almost 1 million residents.

Video of intense straight-line winds in the downtown Houston area earlier. Wind gusts of 80-100 mph was recorded across the area with nearly a million customers without power.

: Sunny Brown#txwx #weather pic.twitter.com/c4Jt7luiZT

— StormHQ ☈ (@StormHQwx) May 17, 2024

Here’s one more video of the storms in action.

Whoahh this was in downtown Houston, Texas last night. I don’t know if it’s a tornado or wind. There’s people out there too pic.twitter.com/NhvkNpqxPM

— Volcaholic (@volcaholic1) May 17, 2024

Below are photos captured on social media showing the sheer magnitude of the storms’ destruction, making downtown Houston look like the apocalypse. Note the sheer number of windows destroyed.

Credit: @vioryvideo
Credit: @collinrugg
Credit: @WinfieldSmart
Credit: @VanDamCNN

An ABC 13 News reporter also captured video of shattered glass from the building windows all across the street and sidewalks, making it dangerous for residents to walk safely.

Video from @lieggiji of glass covering downtown Houston from blown out windows after our powerful storm. #abc13 #Houston pic.twitter.com/hEOauXG1H4

— Pooja Lodhia (@PoojaOnTV) May 17, 2024

Several trees and power lines were also uprooted and thrown into the streets thanks to the severe weather.

Credit: @vioryvideo

There are trees and power lines down across the Houston area. A large tree crushed this car on Dowdell Road in Tomball. The other photos are from Saddlecreek Drive and T.C. Jester in the Cypresswood area. Photos from @MARK pic.twitter.com/teSHDkxSqn

— KHOU 11 News Houston (@KHOU) May 17, 2024

The Houston Chronicle reports that restoring power to the worst-hit areas will take several days or longer.

Houston Mayor John Whitmire has warned residents to remain at home, noting the massive amount of debris and broken traffic lights.

“I can’t emphasize enough the danger of fallen trees and fallen utility wire, he said. “Downtown is a mess. It’s dangerous due to the glass and the lack of traffic lights, so stay at home.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said in a statement that the state is deploying resources to the impacted area. He also thanked the the first responders for the heroic efforts to protect Houston residents.

Our hearts are with the families & loved one of those who lost their lives due to severe storms.

Texas continues to deploy resources to impacted communities.

I thank the first responders who are working tirelessly to protect their fellow Texans.

Read my full statement here: pic.twitter.com/zKScEoJcxf

— Greg Abbott (@GregAbbott_TX) May 17, 2024

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