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Wisconsin’s Recall Vos Campaign Exposes Suspicious Individuals from Out of State Who Attempted to Sabotage Signature Campaign – With Photos and Evidence

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Here is the latest from the Recall Vos campaign.

Of course, Robin Vos is the highly controversial anti-Trump Wisconsin Speaker who approved ballot drop boxes in Wisconsin.

The Recall Vos people

In our commitment to transparency and integrity, Recall Vos wishes to address concerns surrounding the petition collection process.

First, it is important to note that the current Wisconsin recall process relies on the honesty of all participants. There is no requirement to either request or confirm the identification of individuals signing the petition.

Controversial Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos

Additionally, the “Circulator,” who signs at the bottom of the petition page, merely verifies that “a person” has indeed signed the petition. Since there is no requirement for identity verification, the Circulator cannot be sure if the signer is being truthful.

Thus, they are only confirming that they witnessed a person signing the petition without any assurance of the signer’s honesty on the form. Our campaign recognized this significant weakness in the recall process and took proactive steps to mitigate this vulnerability.

Throughout the campaign, we endeavored to identify and segregate questionable petition sheets, such as those suspected of forgery or fraud. Despite our best efforts, a small fraction of these sheets were inadvertently mixed with the nearly 11,000 valid signatures submitted.

It’s crucial to emphasize that hundreds of signatures were proactively withheld and never submitted due to suspicions of fraud, highlighting our good-faith effort to eliminate suspicious signatures.

In late February 2024, our campaign observed suspicious activities between February 27 and March 2, where several individuals from across the nation suddenly appeared in Burlington, WI, and attempted to infiltrate the campaign.

All six individuals tried to insert fraudulent signatures. These actions were immediately flagged by our team. Remarkably, these individuals, independently, flew from various parts of the country (New York, Florida, Ohio) to assist in the recall campaign.

They sought compensation but left the state without any. Their involvement abruptly ceased upon the submission of the questionable signatures. This behavior, combined with their unverified nationwide origins and the submission of inauthentic signatures, raised significant concerns.

Despite the challenges posed by the self-authentication process of the Wisconsin petition process, Recall Vos implemented verification measures beyond the legal requirements.

When faced with approximately 400 (about 40 pages) suspiciously pristine signatures, our volunteers took the additional step of conducting thorough in-person verifications at over 15 residences.

As anticipated, we were unable to verify any of the signatures, leading us to consider them potentially fraudulent; thus, they were not included in our submission to the Wisconsin Election Commission.

The individuals identified as sources of these fraudulent signatures, including Carlo Green, Jade Hilton, Jason Lopez, Lavelle Hester-Bey, Kiara Rivera, and Xavier Pittman, were excluded from our petition efforts.

Regrettably, some sheets with questionable signatures were mistakenly included by a volunteer in the final submission, a matter we deeply regret.

Recall Vos stands firm on the principle of election security and integrity. We advocate for stringent legal action against anyone implicated in falsifying documents and undermining the public’s trust in electoral processes.

Our proactive stance against potential fraud demonstrates our unwavering commitment to uphold the highest standards of legitimacy and transparency in the Recall Vos campaign.

Our internal review concerning the fake signatures led us to identify several individuals who were acting on their own in an apparent organized effort to infuse fraudulent signatures into the Recall Vos campaign. We are turning over all the information we have on these individuals.

Background: In addition to the numerous volunteers from Wisconsin, RECALL VOS hired three US companies to enhance the signature collection activity. Only one is relevant to this issue. (NOTE: All three companies were US-based and agreed/contracted to follow Wisconsin laws as they pertain to recall elections.

The first company, “4ward Canvassing LLC” (POC: Missy Ward, Phone: 719-896-1536), was hired on February 2 and fired on February 11, 2024, due to poor performance.

The second company, “Trailblazing Canvassers” (POC: Mr. Edward Blaszak, Phone: 503-481-9052), was hired on February 12 and fired on February 28, 2024. The third company was “Wool Canvassing” (POC: Mr. Greg Wool, Phone: 201-452-4923), which only collected signatures from March 1st to 10th.

The company connected to this issue is Trailblazing Canvassers. We were dissatisfied with their performance/lack of management, etc., leading to their dismissal on February 28, 2024.

(Important Note: All of these companies use “Independent Contractors” (ICs), thus none are employees.) After firing Trailblazing Canvassers, we offered to pay some of their best ICs to continue gathering valid signatures, provided they submitted a W9 tax form. Some of the Trailblazing crew stayed and wanted to continue gathering signatures.

We agreed to continue paying them as ICs if they delivered the required number of verifiable signatures. Recall Vos was assured by the CEO of Trailblazing Canvassers (Edward Blaszak) that all ICs were US citizens.

(NOTE: After news reports suggested that the RECALL Vos campaign employed illegal workers from Ukraine to gather signatures, we asked the three individuals in question to provide proof of US citizenship, which they did promptly, thus disproving the news reports.

The best explanation we have is that some kind of “disruptive operation” was run against the RECALL Vos campaign. The initial approach occurred on February 26, 2024, when Mr. Lavelle Hester-Bey and Jason Lopez approached Mr. Litvin while he was collecting signatures at the Burlington Post Office. Suddenly, they offered to help him gather signatures.

Needing assistance, Litvin quickly agreed to let them join his team, and Litvin even had them fill out W9 forms. (NOTE: Recall Vos had nothing to do with Litvin’s activities concerning getting more people for this team.)

Mr. Litvin, explained the petition process to them and they went to collect signatures. Then, two days later, Mr. Litvin was approached by a Mr. Curtis Peterson, out of the blue, who offered to collect signatures and bring in three other people to assist.

This is where Xavier Pittman, Carlo Green, and Jade Hilton entered the picture. On February 29 and March 1st & 2nd, they collected signatures.

Then, abruptly, all of them left due to personal issues, car problems, etc., without even being paid. Only Mr. Peterson was paid a sum of $300 for what appeared to be 30 valid signatures. None of the others were paid by the Recall Vos campaign.

After looking at their petition sheets, it was suspected that Mr. Green and Mrs. Hilton had forged names. A few days later, approximately 400 signatures were mailed to Mr. Litvin by a woman named Kiara Rivera, who claimed she collected the signatures on February 27 & 28 but had to leave WI because her brother was shot. She requested payment for the 400 signatures.

Although the signatures appeared authentic, her story was not credible, and the documents were too pristine to have been handled by numerous people.

Even though we suspected the signatures were fraudulent, we took the extra step of physically visiting at least 10-15 houses listed on the petition to verify if they had signed. After our canvassing, we determined that not one signature was valid. As such, we withheld the names and never submitted them.

What is interesting is that all the fraudulent signatures originated from six out-of-state individuals. Who paid for their flights? Who covered their lodging, food, and miscellaneous expenses? How did they know to approach Mr. Litvin?

They all apparently arrived and left within a 5-day period without being paid. They all collected signatures and pressured Mr. Litvin for immediate payment. All found reasons to quickly depart the area without any compensation.

When we questioned Mr. Litvin, he cooperated with us and promptly shared documents he had gathered about these individuals: (NOTE: see attached pictures).

Kiara Rivera

1. Kiara Rivera, Female, Florida DL. (NOTE: She mentioned that Jason Lopez was her former boyfriend). She attempted to pass what appears to be 400 fraudulent signatures.

Jason Lopez

2. Jason Lopez, Male, Ohio ID of some kind. His W9 lists the same address as Mrs. Rivera above, from Litvin.

Lavelle Hester-Bey
Lavelle Hester-Bey W9

3. Lavelle Hester-Bey, Male, New York ID, info from Litvin.

Carlo Green W9

4. Carlo Green, Male, W9 Form from Litvin

Jade Hilton W9

5. Jade Hilton, Female, W9 Form from Litvin.

Xavier T. Pittman W9

6. Xavier T. Pittman, W9 Form from Litvin.

Wisconsinites reach out to www.racinerecall.org….  262-864-2309.

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