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WNBA Athletes from Team Whose Player Assaulted Caitlin Clark Whine About Being “Harassed” Outside their Hotel – Then Footage Emerges Calling their Claims into Serious Question (VIDEO)

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Credit: @JackMacCFB

Jim Hoft previously reported thuggish Chicago Sky players viciously assaulted Indiana Fever superstar Caitlin Clark during a WNBA game Saturday afternoon in Indianapolis.

As one can see in the video below, Sky player Chennedy Carter slammed into Clark from behind when she was not looking in a deliberate attempt to injure her. The player also reportedly called Clark a “b*tch” before assaulting her.


— Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) June 1, 2024

Angel Reese erupted in joy after seeing her nemesis go down and celebrated the cheap shot with the rest of her giddy teammates.

Angel Reese appeared to celebrate a cheap shot on Caitlin Clark……..and ended up losing the game!

That’s what kids call karma. Clark and the Fever end the day with a win. pic.twitter.com/384GsAW0ZH

— OutKick (@Outkick) June 1, 2024

Instead of apologizing, the classless athletes are shamelessly attempting to play the victim card, though it’s not working, as readers will later learn in this article. CBS Sportsreported that on Wednesday a man confronted the Chicago Sky players outside of their hotel in Washington, DC, the day before their game against the Mystics.

Sky general manager Jeff Pagliocca claimed to the Chicago Sun-Times that the individual in question approached the team with a camera and was looking for Carter. The Sky’s security reportedly defused the situation and led the man away.

Pagliocca told the paper the team decided not to get the police involved.

Some Sky players, including Reese, took to X to blast the “harassment.” One complained about not even being able to get off the bus.

finding out our teams hotel to pull with a camera as we get off the bus and put it in my teammates face & HARASS her is NASTY WORK. this really is outta control and needs to STOP.

— Angel Reese (@Reese10Angel) June 5, 2024

WOW!!! Thank GOD for security. My teammate being harassed at our hotel is insane! Couldn’t even step off the bus!!!

— Isabelle Harrison (@OMG_itsizzyb) June 5, 2024

Getting harassed at our hotel is where the line needs to be drawn. Some “fans” have NO CHILLLLL

— Michaela Onyenwere (@monyenwere_) June 5, 2024

But footage suggests that they are exaggerating, if not outright lying, about their claims. A 19-second video shared by Jack McGuire from Barstool Sports shows the man politely asking Carter if she has had a chance to reach out to Clark.

Another man, presumably a Chicago Sky security staffer, gets between the man and Carter while waving his hands.

In what world does asking a simple and appropriate question constitute harassment?


This is the harassment that the Chicago Sky was tweeting about last night? pic.twitter.com/gzFzL1chKs

— Jack McGuire (@JackMacCFB) June 6, 2024

Sky Player Michaela Onyenwere claims the video is selectively edited and does not show the man calling them vulgar names and insulting female sports.

Interesting how the video posted was edited and doesn’t include when he harassed our staff while calling us “ghetto b******” and saying “women’s sports isn’t s***”.

We are not about to normalize things like that.

— Michaela Onyenwere (@monyenwere_) June 6, 2024

It’s unknown how much, if any additional footage exist from this incident. However, given the players’ disgusting and jealous behavior toward Clark, they have not earned the benefit of the doubt.

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