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ZELENSKY’S PARANOIA: Ukraine’s President Is ‘Emotional and Nervous’, With ‘Deep Anxiety’ – Instructed Officials To Criticize Biden for Skipping Peace Summit in Switzerland

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

It turns out that the Joe Biden administration from hell has authorized the Ukrainians to use US-provided long-range missiles to hit ‘some’ targets inside Russia – reportedly in Belgorod, near the frontline of the Kharkov region.

This may or may not mend the relationship with president Volodymyr Zelensky, who has been saying to whomever listen that US-Ukraine relations have drifted farther apart than ever since the war started.

Besides that, the US is also close to signing a new bilateral security pact with Ukraine – expected to be signed on the sidelines of the G7 meeting in Italy next month.

Zelensky’s frustration with Joe Biden was displayed for the world to see this week, as he rebuked old Joe in ‘unusually blunt terms’.

The Ukrainian said that Biden attending a Democratic fundraiser rather than Ukraine’s peace summit on June 15-16 was ‘not a strong decision’.

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In fact, Zelensky’s office has just issued a controversial memo to officials and MPs, instructing them to criticize both Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping for not attending the summit.

The delay in US military assistance is just the tip of the iceberg, with the NATO membership bid, for example, possibly as much as 30 years away (according to Germany’s Olaf Scholz).

The Biden administration’s is also angered by Ukraine’s drone and missile strikes on Russian oil refineries and radars that form part of Moscow’s nuclear early warning system.

Financial Times reported:

“But a second senior Ukrainian official said Zelensky has grown more ’emotional and nervous’ over the situation on the battlefield and what they say the president sees as Washington’s eagerness to start negotiations with Russia, despite the White House stating in public that it is entirely a decision for Kiev to initiate such talks.

Zelensky ‘thinks they want the war to go away before the [US] election’, the official said. He added that the Ukrainian president was also unhappy with the Biden administration’s insistence that Kiev not hit Russian oil infrastructure over fears of raising global gas prices in an election year.

A third senior Ukrainian official used the word ‘paranoia’ to describe the feeling inside the presidential office in recent months, as Zelensky and his team have worked to prepare for next month’s peace summit. “Zelensky has deep anxiety about the military situation but especially about the peace summit in June,” the official said.”

Representatives from more than 80 countries have confirmed their attendance – but China has now confirmed that it will not participate because Russia will not be present.

“Several members of Zelensky’s own government said they are beginning to worry about the methods employed by their president to communicate with the US. One said that Zelensky was “very irritated” with Biden, adding they were concerned about “openly provoking” the White House.

‘What do you say in America?’ a fourth Ukrainian government official asked the FT. ‘Do not bite the hand that feeds you’.”

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