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Alex Marlow: “Breaking Biden”

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Breitbart’s Alex Marlow’s new book is “Breaking Biden” focusing on the Biden brand of corruption and describes how the Biden family and Biden friends have been cutting deals with people overseas for years. They took advantage of a system not just to push an agenda. It was all secondary to money and power. The book is a deep discussion of what Biden got wrong, which is everything. On Covid, the govt. kept important information secret from the public, that masks don’t work and treating healthy children the same way as immune compromised 75 year olds when the science wasn’t there to back up his actions. On Ukraine, Marlow says besides Putin no one is more responsible for that war than Joe Biden.

On our Afghanistan withdrawal, Joe went it alone. He was advised against it and still went ahead. Biden ended up droning a carful of children and killing 13 service members. It was impeachable from the start. Marlow says if we don’t do something fast, we’re going to lose this country because all of the things going on in every corner of the country. The way the Deep State is working with academia, with the Biden Administration to create networks to create more wealth and power, to be able to subvert disclosure, to create satellite legislatures around the country. That’s not Democracy yet they’re the ones who will act like we’re the threat to Democracy. It’s pure projection. They’re the ones who don’t like Democracy and subvert it, especially the Bidens. The reality is we’re going up against a political movement, the American Left, the Marxist Left and they wake up, live, eat and breathe politics. They think protesting on a Sunday morning is far better than going to brunch.