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Alina Habba – Politics Permeates Our Courts

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Trump legal spokeswoman & Attorney Alina Habba believes they’re solid Constitutionally in the President’s legal battles. Habba says the problem they have along all fronts is that politics has permeated our judicial system and there’s no cure for that right now. It’s their biggest hurdle at this point. These judges are Soros backed politicians effectively wearing lawyer costumes. And when we don’t have other judges calling them out, we have problems. Habba says there are people sitting in solitary confinement who have committed no crimes and they can’t get due process. It’s unconstitutional and it’s frightening but it’s motivating undecided voters who lean left that are now voting for Trump. The poll numbers speak volumes. The world is seeing it. You have a leading Presidential candidate, his spokeswoman and his entire legal team under a gag order and they’re not allowed to object or say things on the record or speak to the issues so you silence them all. This has become a new trend among DA’s, prosecutors and judges. Habba says President Trump has shown them resilience and to have faith in the country even when your faith is wavering. Habba says she hasn’t lost hope because Trump hasn’t lost hope.