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Americans vs Anti-Americans

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Sen. Tommy Tuberville doesn’t call it Republicans and Democrats anymore. It’s Americans vs Anti-Americans because that’s what it is. He has placed a hold on DOD nominees over Lloyd Austin’s intent to develop programs to expand abortion in the military. The Senator says he’s going to speak up, stand up and not take anything from the Democrats because there’s not one thing they’ve done to make our country better. Dems have not been told “No” in three years until Tuberville. Now he’s being called a Communist terrorist by the Secretaries of the Navy, Army and Air Force.

He says we have to get the train back on the right track. In today’s military, a 4-Star general has a budget of $300-$400M and a staff of one to two thousand. We have 44 4-stars in the U.S. military today compared to 7 we had in World War II and the Pentagon is worried we don’t have enough people to make decisions. Our all volunteer Army isn’t working right now. He says we’re way behind in recruiting despite all the inducements because young people don’t want to get involved with social justice and it’s going to get worse. We’ve got to get politics out of the military.

We’re $33T in debt. Where is this great infrastructure and military? We should have streets of gold. Our airports our trains our dams should be immaculate. Where is the $33T we’ve spent? Tuberville says it’s either been stolen, misappropriated or misused. We should be the shining example on the hill and we’re struggling to make ends meet.