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Best of Lou Dobbs: McCullough Says China’s “Mystery Flu” is No Mystery

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

U.S. public health agencies have been silent about China’s “so-called mystery disease.” Dr. Peter McCullough says this is a bacteria that causes pneumonia mainly in children, and in the U.S. can be easily identified and treated. McCullough believes this is intentional fear mongering. Our CDC should get ahead of it, doctors and hospitals briefed and ready with the right antibiotics to snuff this out right away. Instead it’s another failing of our public health system that it’s not responding. The W.H.O. wants a Pandemic Treaty Alliance. They want to be in the position of power and control of all agencies worldwide. McCullough warns they’re not elected and largely funded by the CCP and the Gates Foundation. Some health organizations are now calling for the withdrawal of Covid vaccines. McCullough thinks vaccines should be retired so there are no more worries about side effects and we can move on. McCullough says we have so many unregulated bio labs in the U.S. doing gain of function research. While not illegal, McCullough recommends shutting it down. He says it’s not research for science sake. They’re creating new organisms, bacteria, viruses and fungi that can harm us.