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Biden – Obama Our Greatest Threat

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Rep. Cory Mills says he’s happy to see the Biden impeachment inquiry move the investigation forward to stop corruption that’s been plaguing D.C. for far too long. Mills says the Biden Administration continues to lie to the American people when John Kirby said $6B given to Iran for a prisoner swap was for discrete, targeted purposes. Iran’s President immediately denied it saying they’ll use the money any way they want. Mills says we’ve now established a dangerous precedent, a $1.2B price tag for every kidnapped American. The Obama Administration sent pallets of cash to Iran and there was immediate uptick in violence against Americans and embassies abroad.

We’re going to see the same thing now because the Biden Administration is nothing more than Obama’s 3rd term. We need a peace though strength mechanism that Trump and Reagan employed but we can’t do that when you have a corrupt and compromised Administration under Joe Biden. Adding insult to injury was Biden agreeing to fund Iran, the largest state sponsor of terror with the $6B on the Anniversary of 9/11. And contrary to what Joe Biden says, climate change isn’t our greatest internal threat. Mills says our greatest threat is Joe Biden himself and his failed policies along with our debt ceiling.