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Biden’s Energy Policy Fuels Hamas and Russia

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff


Rep. Claudia Tenney says Speaker Mike Johnson is so smart and thoughtful, someone all members will rally around. People think he’s mild mannered but they’ll find he’s tougher than they think. He will fight for GOP principles and the Constitution. Tenney says while it was an arduous task, Republicans finally elected a true Constitutionalist as Speaker, someone who believes in the principles of our government while protecting the freedoms and individual rights of Americans. The Biden Administration released sanctions on Iran’s ability to sell oil and generate cash for terrorism funding Hezbollah, Hamas and the Islamic Jihad. The same thing happened in Ukraine. Biden allowed the Russians to use energy as leverage over Europe because they’re all dependent on Russian oil. Tenney says the U.S. allowed both wars because we have a weak, feckless President who is obsessed with climate change. She says if we had stayed with President Trump, we’d still be the number one producer of energy in the world and we’d be energy independent.