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Davis: Roberts Should Slap Down Activist Judges

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

A3P’s Mike Davis says the Oversight Committee is one of the oldest committees in Congress and they have absolute power to subpoena witnesses when dealing with evidence of foreign corruption especially as it relates to the President of the United States. The Biden DOJ is going after Trump and anyone associated with him, parents angry about schools, and Christians praying outside abortion clinics. The same Justice Dept. is ignoring obvious foreign bribery and corruption of our compromised President and his entire family. Biden and Garland put Jack Smith in charge of taking out Trump and teamed him up with two of the most partisan DC Judges in Howell and Chutkan, both Obama appointees. They are railroading Trump and trampling the Constitution with illegal warrants and gag orders. Smith has already been reversed by the Supreme Court and will be again but the Left doesn’t care. Their immediate goal is to take out Trump by Nov. 5th. Speaker Mike Johnson inherited a mess but he has to produce very fast with aggressive oversight. The big test for him will be January 15th. Does he continue to go along with the uni party spending spree funding the Marxist agenda, or does he actually start to cut spending? Davis says we have to get serious about winning elections. If Trump loses on Nov. 5th, 2024, we to lose our country.