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Defund The Feds

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton suggests defunding the prosecutions of President Trump and other Americans, defunding the censorship of tens of millions of Americans, defund the invasion at our southern border and protect the military from the Marxist propaganda forced on them. The secret Congress doesn’t want you to know is that everything they hate in the Biden Administration they could defund in the next two weeks. The Democrat Party is contending with a rising Communist wing that is throwing all rules out the window. They want to overthrow the institutions and we’re funding it. Where is the opposition in both parties? House Republicans say they’re against it yet they’re funding it.

Fitton says we need to stop the damage now. We can’t wait til next year to stop President Trump from being thrown in jail, we can’t wait til next year to stop the censoring of Americans and we can’t allow another 1-2 million people to cross our southern border. Where is the urgency? Fitton asks if you think Joe Biden is a crook, why is Congress even voting? Why wouldn’t they take advantage of the continuing resolution and be willing to shut down the govt. unless he resigns? Fitton urges people to call Congress and tell them to rein in the Deep State and ask how they’re going to make sure this corruption is defunded and defanged: Call 202-225-3121. There’s a test coming up for the leadership in the House and one of the outcomes could be a new Speaker. Kevin McCarthy is taking the same position as Nancy Pelosi saying under law, we can’t have full access to J6 videos. Fitton says it’s terrible McCarthy is hiding this information from the American people, doing just what Pelosi did.