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Doomsday for Marxist Dems

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

John Solomon says more bombshell revelations are on the way. The fact that Jack Smith’s deputy met with the White House just before Biden ordered the criminal prosecution of Donald Trump is a stunning revelation. We now know Biden ordered the National Archives to file a criminal report with the FBI on Trump documents before ordering the first criminal investigation of Trump.

Solomon says evidence shows three things: First, Joe Biden lied his way into the Presidency. Second, Joe and Hunter Biden sold their family name to the highest bidder allowing corrupt foreign figures to enrich their family. And third, Joe Biden was actually changing policies to benefit his son’s clients. When the IRS Whistleblowers came forward, it was a flashpoint that stunned the news media and they realized they had to begin covering the Biden scandal. Solomon says there is a culture of corruption in the Democrat party that grew out of the Obama Administration.