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FBI: Cooking Books & Boosting Bonuses

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Former FBI Agent Steve Friend was fired for making protected Whistleblower disclosures about phony domestic terrorism cases. The FBI got around the Whistleblower Protection Act by suspending his security clearance. In his testimony before the Weaponization Select Committee, Friend revealed that the FBI was manipulating its statistics on domestic terrorism using J6 cases spread across the country to make it look like we faced a greater risk of domestic terrorism. The FBI no longer sees themselves as case agents investigating then taking someone to jail. Now the FBI default option for making arrests is the SWAT Team, an unnecessary risk to everyone. Friend says the FBI is perversely incentivized to boost numbers to justify an ever expanding budget. Executives within the FBI actually get compensated when quota numbers are hit, more when agents use wiretaps. Friend thinks the FBI needs to be broken into a thousand pieces and scattered to the wind. If Congress lacks the appetite to actually defund the entire FBI Agency, they should at the very least defund the armed Special Agent position and make it unarmed. Force them to work with local Sherriff Offices to do investigations and use local personnel to provide armed law enforcement for arrests.