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Fight Like There Is No Tomorrow

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

CPAC’S Matt Schlapp says liberals call Republicans “threats to democracy” yet they’re the ones who want to keep Donald Trump off the ballot. It’s now up to the Supreme Court and should be a 9-0 decision because it has nothing to do with a crime. Schlapp says the only way Joe Biden can win is to keep Trump off the ballot in a few states. Several states are now completely voting by mail: Washington, Colorado even Utah and as soon as you do that, you lose the states. Colorado for example has no statewide-elected Republicans and are now trying to nullify the Constitution by keeping Trump off the ballot. There was nothing in the McConnell/Langford bill that would have closed any portion of the border. It was going to facilitate and mainstream more illegals into towns and cities all over America giving them more money to do this. It was a cynical ploy and it backfired. The hardcore Ukraine aid people want to do everything they can to keep this war going. Last year’s CPAC poll showed 75% of the audience did not want another penny sent to Ukraine. Schlapp is against giving money to a president who is responsible for the conflict in the first place. Failing to impeach Mayorkas was a flop and Schlapp hopes they try again. He thinks Republicans’ one seat majority will grow if people see them fight. It will shrink if people view them as the white flag party. Schlapp says Trump is not going to get 100% support from the Republican Party but we’re seeing Black and Hispanic voters and nontraditional Republican voters flocking to Donald Trump because they like what the man stands for and what he did in office.