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Going To The Dogs

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Rep. Andy Biggs says Speaker Mike Johnson is like a Golden Retriever. They’re very nice, very kind, everyone wants to pet them but they won’t fight to save themselves. They like to get their belly rubbed and unfortunately, we have a Speaker that’s kind of like a Golden Retriever right now. The last three Republican Speakers took the House in the wrong direction. Biggs is stunned by it, but he thinks they actually reflect the conference. Ryan, McCarthy and now Johnson may reflect the conference though not Biggs or his constituents. Biggs says policy isn’t going to change things at our open border because this is a lawless administration. You have to shut down the government because you care more about the country than the next election. Biggs believes current leadership will fall in line with President Trump and he hopes for a larger majority to support his efforts. Biggs says all we have to do is look at how upside down we are because of three short years of Joe Biden. Biggs is baffled why more Republicans won’t use the power they have, the power of the purse, to fight for the country. Everyone wants to be the Golden Retriever. They’re big enough to fight. They just won’t.