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Hamadeh: Democrat Party Is Marxist

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Arizona’s Abe Hamadeh has seen political corruption, losing his rigged race for Attorney General. He says what the political class is doing to President Trump should frighten everyone because our country is under attack. Abe’s running again, this time for U.S. Congress to help Trump take on the Deep State. Hamadeh says the Democrat Party has become Marxist. He thinks it’s strange that Rino’s believe they can negotiate with their hostage takers easier than America First Representatives. The battle for Speaker has exposed just how radical the Left’s become while showing Americans they have leaders actually fighting for them.  Biden’s border policy is disastrous with no border security and a constant stream of people coming in.

It’s not just Radical Islamist terrorists coming across, it’s also China. We need to classify the Mexican Cartels as a foreign terrorist organization to stop their financial capabilities and banking. Hamadeh says Democrats have taken over in Arizona and in many ways, they profit off this system that allows people to suffer in misery and chaos. All our inner cities have been taken over by Soros prosecutors. There is a Marxist Revolution going on. Hamadeh says it looks like the Arizona courts are captured. They keep telling Republicans they need evidence to challenge elections. They have the evidence yet they’re being delayed by the legal system. Hamadeh is filing lawsuits preemptively to safeguard the 2024 election.