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Intel Agencies Coerce Congress

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Senior Intelligence Analyst and Whistleblower Russ Tice says not only should Congress not reauthorize 702, they should get rid of FISA altogether. He wants to know where in the Constitution does it say we should have a star chamber court that allows secret proceedings behind someone’s back? Tice believes 702 is a front because NSA is already collecting everything we say or do. They’re putting it in a warehouse so they can then say they’re not surveilling, until someone actually listens to it. Tice says the 702 is a front to legitimize the collection and it should not be reinstated. Tice says a lot of politicians on the Hill are being blackmailed. They know NSA has information on them so they will kowtow to the police state, to the Deep State. NSA controls this communication and both the FBI and CIA get it from NSA. Tice says surveillance will continue no matter what Congress decides. With a wave of his hand, a President could declassify documents and that’s all it takes. That’s why the charges against Trump are outrageous. Ultimately, they will be thrown out because the President has that right. This is one more avenue they’re throwing at President Trump to throw him off kilter and make sure he cannot win again. The gauntlet they’re throwing at Trump is incredible and he must have a spine of titanium to put up with what they’re doing to him. The mainstream media are no longer journalists. They’re stenographers writing whatever they’re told to pump out.