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Is XI Biden’s pronoun?

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Gordon Chang says China has had at least 3 listening posts in Cuba for most of this century. They’re now thinking about establishing a training facility which is really going to be a military base where they’ll base intermediate and short range missiles. This is a threat of the highest order to the United States. Tony Shaffer doesn’t believe the Intelligence community or Deep State fully briefed President Trump on this issue in Cuba.

Had he known, he would not have stood for it. Tony says you have to clean house, get rid of Senior Intel leadership like Clapper and Brennan who are all cut from the same cloth. They are more committed to a political direction than their oath of office. Gordon says the Chinese lab discovered in California had a thousand mice genetically engineered to spread Covid. There were at least 20 pathogens on site in a facility completely off the books. Chinese saboteurs are crossing our southern border daily. President Biden is determined not to defend us and that makes this the scariest moment in American history.