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Jordan Will Be Speaker

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Congressman Matt Rosendale

Congressman Matt Rosendale says Jim Jordan has been the spokesman for the Conservative Republican movement for years speaking directly to the American public. He’s trying to persuade his opposition and earn their vote rather than resort to the D.C. Cartel whipping operation to twist their arm. Daylight is the best disinfectant. Rosendale doesn’t understand why people complain about how much time it’s taking to elect a Speaker. They’ve taken two votes on Jordan compared to 15 rounds for McCarthy.

Rosendale says Jordan doesn’t need that many more votes to win and has more support than anyone else in the Conference. He says Jordan is the second most popular Republican in the country right now, right behind Donald Trump.  The American people are starving for leaders who will fight for them. Rosendale says this is why Trump has so much support, he’s tapped into that energy. Jordan is that voice and Trump is that voice and Rosendale says he tries to be that voice for his constituents in Montana. Rosendale says with time and careful deliberation, Jim Jordan will be the Speaker and work on the House floor can resume. He says there is no backlog yet as Committee work has continued throughout the Speaker process. Rosendale looks forward to calling Jordan “Mr. Speaker” soon.