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Kurt Olsen: Elections Rigged and Worse

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Conservative lawyer Kurt Olsen says last summer, a District Court in Louisiana ruled that the Biden Administration, from the FBI, to CISA, DHS, CDC and the Surgeon General, engaged in one of the most significant First Amendment violations in the history of our country. The court ruling that they engaged in strong arming and mandating social media companies censor Americans who didn’t follow the party line on Covid or 2020, “the most secure election in history.” Olsen believes elections have been controlled through a very large organization, centrally directed. What we’re seeing now is a multifaceted approach to block anyone from looking into the 2020 election. Whether it’s the criminal indictments of President Trump, the defamation lawsuits brought by voting machine companies, or bringing charges against lawyers who take on election cases. It’s a multifaceted effort to stop anyone from looking at the 2020 election because it exposes the power of the organization that was used to keep Americans from electing officials they want. Olsen says there is a concerted effort across many jurisdictions in this country, across many states to prevent people from looking inside machines to see what’s going on. Olsen wants to know what they have to hide? He says people now realize that they can’t trust the system any more and they need to do something about it.