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Lou Dobbs Tonight Is Back!

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Photo by Octavio Jones/Getty Images

Two days before the RNC meeting later this month, Mike Lindell’s team will join Turning Point USA to educate hundreds of clerks from around the country about going to paper ballots and hand counts. Lindell set up an infrastructure of 300,000 people on the ground ready to help secure our 2024 election. He’s doing more than the RNC which has lost five elections in a row. Lindell says candidates should drop out of the GOP race and back Trump. The will of the people is clear. They can’t lie and say Nikki Haley has more votes. Even Democrats want Trump back. They remember December 2019 when consumer confidence was the highest in history. Lindell says like Trump or not, you were living pretty darn good in the United States back then. Ronna McDaniel and the RNC had better get behind President Trump. He wonders what is her agenda and the reason she stayed on? The Supreme Court Justices see what’s going on in our country. They know they need to make decisions based on our Constitution and keep politics out of it. Lindell expects a 9-0 opinion to keep Trump on the ballot. When FOX, Newsmax and Salem Media went silent after J6, Lindell set up his own platforms, Lindell TV and FrankSpeech. Lindell today announced the debut of his new show debuting Monday, “Lou Dobbs Tonight” weeknights at 7pm Eastern. Lindell and Lou announcing the show’s first big interview is with our real President Donald Trump.