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Obama & Biden are destroyers

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images

Kash Patel says Donald Trump is being set up by government gangsters and mercenaries, the DOJ, FBI and National Archives. They’re all in on it and the biggest culprit is the fake news who they rely on to carry out their disinformation campaign. Kash says Congress should be shutting down their warfare, their weaponized campaign of our justice system against Trump by shutting down their funding. Take the money that Chris Wray uses to unlawfully surveil Americans. Under Wray’s leadership, the FBI used the FISA court process 287K times to unlawfully surveil Americans. Impeachment is used for a President who has failed and violated the law, his oath of office and lied to the American people and Joe Biden has done all of that.

Patel says we need courageous leaders in Congress to stop writing letters, stop making phone calls and stop accepting redacted documentation about the corruption and criminality of the Biden family syndicate. Kash wants to see the letter where D.C. Mayor Bowser refused the National Guard on Jan. 4th, and wants to see where Nancy Pelosi refused President Trump’s offer. We need the documentation released so America is well educated moving forward. It would be a great trifecta to impeach the 3 of them together: Biden, Garland and Wray.