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Obama’s Marxist takeover almost complete

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Mike Davis says Obama is the guiding and driving force of the Biden Regime. There is an element of the Democrat Party, the Marxist Left, that are subversive and have been trying to destroy our country for many years. It goes back to Obama who transformed the Democrat Party from a Liberal to a Leftist Party to the Marxist Party it is today with people who hate America.

These Marxists would love nothing more than to destroy America and turn it into a Marxist utopia and Zimbabwe is their model. Zimbabwe was once a thriving country until Marxism took over and destroyed it from within, with govt. corruption, prosecution of political enemies which ended in war. Davis says the Marxist Dems are under the control of the Chinese with Joe Biden on their payroll.

They control big tech, big media and use that influence to control our society through division and chaos. Everyone needs to understand the American Marxists derive from the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese already have immense influence over our Government.

If the Biden Regime were to succeed in convicting President Trump of their preposterous charges, our country would be at an end. The Marxist Democrats are using Republic-ending tactics to frame and imprison their political enemies, all Americans who aren’t Marxists. The Republican House must shut down the Marxist criminal prosecutions against President Trump immediately, and if they don’t, they must shut down the government.