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Rep. Good: Just Do What’s Right

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Rep. Bob Good says the Freedom Caucus initially considered backing Mike Johnson to challenge McCarthy because he represented the Conservative center. Good says he’s done some good things but he’s also made decisions that were glaring mistakes especially forcing a poor version of the NDAA and attaching the FISA extension without protections for Constitutional liberties. Good says while not attacking Johnson personally, everyone has to be held accountable. This is a performance-based business. It’s not personal. Good said he has voted against the NDAA bill four times because the Biden Admin. told the military that our greatest threat was the climate war and racism. They’ve focused on DEI and CRT in our military academies, LGBTQ and abortion funding, drag queen shows and electrifying our vehicles. Republicans stripped all of it out in conference and focused on lethality. But a secret back room deal between the four corners: Mc Connell and Schumer in the Senate and Jeffries and Johnson in the House added everything back in and made it worse by attaching a FISA extension with no reforms.

The American people are connecting bad govt. policy in politics to the suffering they’re enduring under this administration and realize something has to change with federal spending, high inflation and rising crime. Americans are now connecting those bad policies to the Democrats. Republicans can’t kid themselves into believing that losing and surrendering today facilitates winning and victory tomorrow. Winning and victory today is what facilitates winning and victory tomorrow.