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Republicans – Time For Spine

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

Congressman Matt Rosendale cannot believe the Intel and Judiciary committees cannot come to terms on a way to reform FISA to not only protect our country, but also protect the civil liberties of every American. Along with the fiscal issues we face and the invasion at our southern border, FISA is very important because that’s what Intel used to spy on President Trump, on Catholics and on parents who attended school board meetings to advocate for their children. Rosendale says if they’re not going to put in necessary reforms, then he’s in favor of terminating FISA. Rosendale says we have to stop allowing the lobbyists, the uni-party, McConnell and Schumer from getting together to direct legislation around Washington. People are profiting immensely from increased surveillance.

Rosendale believes the impeachment inquiry is just the tip of the iceberg. Based on the financial transactions he’s seen, we really should be seeing the DOJ bring forward charges and prosecutions of Joe Biden and many of his family members. Rosendale says he has always been very supportive of Trump and believes he did an incredible job as President, putting our country first with trade agreements, bringing manufacturing back and building up our military.