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Supreme Court Failing America

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

While the Appellate Court did uphold Judge Chutkan’s gag order against Trump, Julie Kelly says they stripped away major sections. The three judge panel ruled that Jack Smith was a public servant and a public figure and along with the DOJ and the Judge, are subjected to public criticism of their work. But this J6 trial is on hold until the issue of Presidential immunity is resolved. Kelly says the 5-4 Supreme Court decision against Texas speaks to the frustration of Conservatives, that we can’t depend on the Supreme Court. This goes back to their failure to address any of the election lawsuits filed in 2020 or 2021. Kelly says we really need the Supreme Court to reverse how the DOJ has been using 1512, obstruction of an official proceeding. They need to reverse those rulings and give the DOJ and federal judges a well-deserved and overdue smackdown for the weaponization of the evidence tampering law that turned peaceful protestors into convicted lifetime felons. Kelly says we need the Supreme Court to show courage on this J6 matter, on the Colorado ballot issue before them next month, and on Presidential immunity from criminal prosecution. This will be a landmark decision just like Obama appointed Judge Chutkan’s argument that a President’s acts in office can be subject to criminal prosecution, another first.