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The Last Warning To The West

  |   By Lou Dobbs Staff

The tenets of Marxism are very similar to what the Biden Administration is doing and what’s going on in the European Union. In her book, “The Last Warning to the West,” author Shea Bradley-Farrell outlines the 11 points of Communist psychological warfare published by our Dept. of Defense in 1959. One example is using crisis to gain control. Covid gave Biden control. You will not find a single one of the 11 points that doesn’t apply to America. Bradley-Farrell says the EU is trying to punish Hungary for not wanting to fund Ukraine and enable war. Hungary is against any more illegal immigration and won’t allow transgender radical gender theory in their schools. The Biden Administration supports the EU’s attacks on Hungary. Bradley-Farrell says Hungary’s President Prime Minister Viktor Orban was one of the revolutionaries who helped push out the Communists in 1991. He says the Progressive agenda is exactly what the Communists were trying to achieve: the diminishment of parental rights, division between races, between genders, separating them from religion because they want control. Bradley-Farrell says most Americans don’t understand the influence of international organizations. What happens in the EU, the UN and the W.H.O. filters down into America and our tax dollars are going to these international organizations that do not share our values. She says we need the right leadership to fight back. The Biden Administration is willfully trying to destroy this country. We need Trump back in the White House and we need to change the mindset of our children to take back this country from Marxism.